Wednesday, June 30, 2010



If BP Oil behaves like any good old red blooded greedy oil company like Exxon, then they will drag any litigation and delay any claims until it is absolutely imperative that they surrender any of their obscene profits. We have seen this happen before with Exxon and it is just recently that some of these claims are being paid decades after the Exxon Valdez incident.

What is worse is that they will be taking some of these cases to oil-friendly courts and the claimants will end up getting cents on the dollar. The clean up and restoration is going to go unpaid until we press them through legal action. And you know who is going to be stuck with all these bills? It is us, the tax payer who will be fronting all this money unless we either confiscate or freeze BP Oil’s assets.

To those who are still not convinced that fossil fuels have to be abandoned and other alternative sources of energy sought, I say just look at the mess this has created…and then ask yourself if it is really worth destroying the Gulf of Mexico for a few million barrels that are but a drop in the bucket needed to satisfy our thirst for the crude.

We have found out, and I am one who was fooled by BP that they made such a big deal out of their interest and development of alternative sources, they had me and millions convinced that they were really doing this in earnest and vigorously; only to find out that what they really had was very effective advertising campaigns to enhance the image of the corporation and give the impression that they were diversifying when in reality they were cutting corners and ignoring safety standards to save a few bucks.

Oh, yes, some Republicans are accusing President Obama of “shaking down” the 20 billion out of BP Oil “Chicago gangster style” and there have been some Republicans who have publicly apologized to BP for this. Can you imagine if President Obama would have had the audacity to hope to tighten the regulations on the oil companies and to suggest more thorough inspections before this Gulf BP disaster? I could see it now: Republicans and Tea Baggers alike would have been screaming their heads off at town hall meetings, saying that the President is interfering, that it is socialism of the worst kind to interfere with the kind and wonderful oil companies.

When President Obama came out for drilling offshore I thought for sure he was doing it to take away the Republican talking point of “drill, baby drill”. It was brilliant, I surmised. But our President is a bit more of a centrist than I want him to be. I really think that he believed what he was saying and that it would have been good for America in the short run.



We had an election in November of 2008 and Obama was elected President. We thought that he was elected fair and square…there were none of the doubts and tribulations that marred previous elections like the one in 2000 when Bush won. Then, it was thought by many, including myself that the elections were not won in a clear and decisive way and it even had to go to the Supreme Court after a lot of publicized and shameful manipulations that left everyone a bit disappointed and some of us doubting the legitimacy of George W. Bush’s mandate.

There are still a lot of people who didn’t like the results of the 2008 elections and they are so frustrated over their loss that they can’t bring themselves to be American enough to accept the will of a clear majority of the voters and respect our President as our democratically elected head of state. This I think was a good example of DEMOCRACY AT WORK.

The curious thing about these people is that because they didn’t like the results of the election now they are talking about impeachment of the President, they are talking about “arming themselves” and exercising their 4th Amendment rights; they are talking in some places of cessation.

Many of the Neo-Cons have adopted Neo-McVeigh code words to incite paranoia in the Tea Party. Sarah Palin has spoken about death panels, Glenn Beck has discussed FEMA concentration camps on his show and Pat Buchanan has openly talked about the New World Order, saying:

"The West is disappearing into a New World Order, and against globalism, the Tea Party folks may represent our last best hope." Right Wing Christian fundamentalist, Pat Robertson wrote a book the New World Order which was based on the Jewish/Mason conspiracy to take over the world.

One example of the Neo-McVeighs are the Oathkeepers, a group of militia based ex-military and policemen who have taken an oaths to not cooperate in the “New World Order.” One prominent Oathkeeper, Charles Dyer was recently arrested and charged with raping a seven-year-old girl. Authorities found a grenade launcher and explosives residue in his apartment. Here’s a quote from Dyer on the New World Order.

"They’re trying to bring in the new world order and destroy our sovereignty. That means they are the domestic enemy I swore to defend and fight against to defend my constitution. And, I’m willing to put my life on the line to defend this country. And, I’m asking anyone who’s taken the oath to do the same."

The Neo-McVeighs have very similar ideologies and backgrounds to their namesake, Timothy McVeigh, who was responsible for the largest domestic terrorist attack in U.S. history. They both use a lot of pro-constitution and pro-gun rhetoric, often come from a military background and they are extremely anti-government and paranoid about a new world order.

One of the groups supporting the Tea Baggers and who co-sponsored the CPAC Conference this year was the re-emergent John Birch Society. The “JBS” is one of the key advocates of the “Patriot Ideology” AKA the Neo-McVeigh group. Here is a discussion of the John Birch Society by Rachael Maddow –

Both Newsweek and The New York Times both wrote pieces about the high level of New World Order conspiracy theorists and the paranoia and anger they are creating in the Tea Party, claiming that “the party movement is dominated by conspiracy kooks” and that Tea Party court jester, Glenn Beck “frequently echoes Patriot (Neo-McVeigh) rhetoric, discussing the possible arrival of a “New World Order” and arguing that Obama is using a strategy of manufactured crisis to destroy the economy and pave the way for dictatorship.”

Of course, the Republican Party is not condemning or admonishing any of these people because they are just as pissed that they lost the election and they are even more adamant about accepting responsibility for the mess they created and the President who left us with the biggest fucking economic mess since the Great Depression.

I think that President Obama not only had a tremendous burden and a disadvantage to start his term and embark on one of the most challenging endeavors any recent President has had to face. I even secretly wished that McCain had won the election because I thought that there was no humanly way that anybody, not Obama, not even Huidini would be able to fix the fucking mess the Republicans left behind.

This first year we have seen that not only do Republicans shy away and refuse to accept responsibility for the crisis they left for Obama but they are effectively blocking, opposing and obstructing any efforts on the part of the President and his party to bring about solutions and changes. This to me is so terribly unpatriotic and insane…that they should do this when they should be hanging their heads in shame over the legacy they left us with.

The Republicans have approved and encouraged all of these right wingnuts to go out and parade, demonstrate and disrupt because it energizes their ultra right conservative base. They figure that it brings negative and effective criticism of the Obama administration and the Democrats…they are right to a degree…we have seen people buying into “Death Panels”, Obama’s birth in Kenya, Socialism and the taking over the government, Obama increasing the debt, making government too big and saying that the government is interfering with free enterprise.

So that the mileage that these Republicans are getting from the likes of Palin, Beck, Limbaugh and O’Reilly is translating into potential wins in November 2010 and they like it so they don’t correct or admonish any of these fear mongers, denounce any of these lies and they just snicker away while our country is hopelessly divided…divided because the ones that oppose President Obama are really putting up all these lame excuses and arguments…they are pissed because Obama is a black man and they are losing their America.

Texas Governor Perry of Texas often talks about CESSATION

I would like to remind our Republican countrymen that we live in America and that the democratic process should be at work even if it has had its challenges in the hands of special interests and the undermining of the power given to the rich while it has been taken away from the non-wealthy majority…We do have a process called elections in which we give the authority to represent us in Congress and in the White House to an individual who represents our interests.

I may suggest that if you are in disagreement with this process, particularly those in the Tea Party and those who advocate violence and uprising against the Federal Government that they hand over their passport and go to live in Somalia where there is no government at all; or if they are in favor of a theocracy they should take similar steps, renounce their American citizenship and go to live in Iran…there they should have no trouble accepting some myth and superstition and live happily ever after under a very strict religious rule.

When President Obama’s term is over in 2012 and we have elections once more; if he screws up he will have to pay and then they should go and vote for the right-wing radical of their choice. In the meantime, Barack Obama is our democratically elected President.



Tuesday, June 29, 2010



The demographics in America have changed tremendously since the idyllic fifties. Those good old days all these conservative WASPHOMs tell you they are longing for; those days are gone. Yeah, the fifties were great if you were a White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, Homophobic Old Man but it wasn’t all that neat or good for us Latinos, Blacks, women and gays.

No, you don’t want to admit it because being called a “RACIST” is not cool; being that, is politically incorrect and you don’t want to appear like you are out of step with the times. But really, who are you trying to fool but yourselves? What is really motivating you to oppose President Obama is not his policies, it is not the deficit, it is not big government, it is not even any hint of SOCIALISM, which by the way there is just too little to be called that….it is the fact that he is a black man and he is now living in the White House…you can’t stand it…you are eating your insides out because of that.

And I am telling you this because you can’t fool me…I know you and I know where you are coming from. Being a member of those minorities I have encountered you endless times; I have met you in the streets, in the market place, at work and in school. I know you didn’t accept me for what I was then and now you don’t accept the President for what he is.

So stop trying to pretend that you are defending fiscal responsibility when you never uttered a word when Bush and the Republicans were placing our country into an unprecedented debt; stop trying to defend the big corporations and the rich because after all, that is not who you are…you don’t have stocks nor are you on the top of the food chain…the gains of the corporations and the enrichment of those wealthy folks really don’t have anything to do with you, you are either middle class or poor, so I don’t buy your position at all.

Furthermore, don’t hide behind this fake patriotism of yours…you really never cared before, you hardly ever voted, you didn’t pay attention when the banks and Wall Street were raping our country, you turned a blind eye when President Bush started to eliminate Constitutional rights and you bought into the wars knowing full well the excuse and the reasoning for them were not valid. Worst of all you know the Republicans and particularly Bush and Cheney lied to us to get America into those wars.

Now you are talking about impeaching President Obama…impeach him for what? He is trying to put us back on track, he is trying to fix the mess Republicans and Bush left behind…he needs to spend money to get us out of this mess and it is not like he is happy about adding to the deficit, because the debt he inherited is much bigger than what he could possibly produce. Where were you when Bush was fucking over the country…he had arguably 35 real, justifiable IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES?

Stop all of it, stop your bullshit, I don’t buy it, you are pissed because he is black and because the omelet has turned.

The Tea Party’s founder, Ron Paul has his own problem with white supremacist and Neo-Nazi supporters. Paul has received extensive support from Stormfront and other Neo-Nazi groups and has yet to distance himself from these Nazis groups, even taking a picture with Stormfront founder, Don Black and his son Derek. (see above picture)

The Tea Party, which started off as a Libertarian protest against taxes and government, has turned into a right wing, corporate sponsored, racist hate-fest. Three groups have joined the Libertarian founders of the Tea Party movement to add money, racism, hatred and conspiracy theory based paranoia to the Tea Pot.

Why does the right hate President Obama so much?

I mean other than that “color” issue…

The simple fact is, President Obama has accomplished more, in a shorter time than any President since Roosevelt. Handed a country that had been screwed into virtual economic collapse by conservative stupidity, greed, and avarice – he has steadfastly moved the dime forward.

Scary shit for Rethugs and conservatives. A President who actually leaves the country a better place than when he took office.

18 Months into office the catcalls and howls about “accomplishment” are nothing more than political posturing. It took a lot longer than 18 months for Rethugs to drive the country into the dumpster. And it is a fact of life it takes a hell of a lot longer to unscrew something than it took to screw it up in the first place.

The days of Segregation, McCarthysm and The Beaver are gone…so stop wanting to get back to “the good old days” because




Monday, June 28, 2010

Supreme Court nomination - Elena Kagan


I am only going to say that this is one of the most qualified people to be nominated. They are going to find all kinds of objections of course, one of which is her lack of judicial experience. But I am willing to bet my right testicle that the Republicans will be up to their usual antics of grandstanding and boorish behavior.

I am also sure that in their imaginary perfect world; President Obama should pander to them and have nominated someone like Harriet Meyers or Orly Taitz. That ain’t gonna happen…wake up and smell the coffee you right wing fanatics…it is Kagan and there is not that much you will be able to hold against her, even if your intentions are to filibuster and hold up her confirmation.

Not just grill Ms. Kagan; the Republicans will skewer her and barbecue her before this is all over.



Sen. Robert Byrd was the longest-serving member of Congress, died today

The West Virginia lawmaker was elected in 1952 and cast a record 18,000 votes during his career. He was considered to be a progressive liberal and we will miss him.




When you hear “Our government is too big” and “government is the problem” or “the best government is that which governs least” it harkens back to the Reagan ideology which he took on from the very first day he was in office. He uttered those very concepts at his Inaugural address, and I seriously question how any President could actually govern a country if he holds those ideas.

We must take into consideration that we are a large nation, we are the number one Super Power nation in the world therefore we can’t possibly have a small government and we are the only nation that exists and was founded because of an ideology: EGALITARIANISM. We also have a very dear concept that is almost irrelevant at this point in our history: DEMOCRACY; as we have seen this eroded by special interests and the power of the rich and the corporations.

What is it precisely that the right wing wants to eliminate in order to make government smaller? Is it all the safety nets for the poor and the middle class? Surely they think that is Socialism but to sacrifice the middle and poor classes and benefit the few rich and the corporations? That is not acceptable to any American when you get right down to it.

Let me see if I get this right…in order to satisfy these people we should eliminate what from our government? Should we do away with: INCOME TAX, SOCIAL SECURITY, UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION, PUBLIC EDUCATION, MEDICARE AND MEDICAID, THE EPA, THE DEA, OSHA, and THE MILITARY?

Why do we begrudge a single mother a few thousand dollars or the unemployed, who are jobless because of the wreck less policies of Republicans unemployment benefits? Yet we give corporations billions in bail outs and also even subsidies to milk us dry. Where were all these people who now protest when Bush was giving away the store? Did they complain about the National Debt then? Did they think that the deficit was going to take care of itself just like the Stock Market and Banks would take care of themselves?

Our government is big indeed, but so is our country. How do we meet the challenges of the 21st century without any government stimulus or initiatives? Do you think that private enterprise would rise up to that challenge? What happens when corporations are left to their own devices like the Health Care Insurance industry or the Oil Companies? Are they doing what is right for the country or for their bottom line?

Many people adhere to the concept that the free market will take care of itself, will apply the corrections and solutions according to the law of supply and demand. But what if there is no supply, just demand as is the case with Health Insurance and fuel? If you eliminate competition then whoever controls supply can ask an arm and a leg for it. We have seen how we have been blackmailed by the Health Insurance companies, messing with our right to be healthy and in some cases just survive by getting medical attention, it matters not if it bankrupts us while getting it…so that we are forced to pay obscene amounts for the insurance premiums simply because we have no other choice.

Likewise we see how our addiction to fossil fuels have diminished our capacity to make choices and we are even subsidizing adversary nations in order to get our fix…we are willing to pay up the kazoo for a gallon of gasoline to put into our gas guzzlers and that is perfectly acceptable. It is also palatable to allow the oil companies to explore and drill for oil in ecologically sensitive areas, and we have seen the results of mishaps that have reached an unprecedented catastrophe and are we Americans to apologize to them rather than make them pay for the damage they cause?

Maybe I am missing something here.

Why should we the taxpayers be subsidizing large corporations? Why should they not pay one red cent in taxes particularly if they are no longer American corporations because they picked up and set up housekeeping in Yemen, Dubai or the United Arab Emirates? Should we even continue doing business with them? When are the rich and the corporations going to begin to pay their fair share? Why should the taxpayer shed out bail outs so these fat cats can live in the lap of luxury in the Hamptons when their corporations and their products contribute absolutely nothing to the economy…Why should we, if they are parasites?


Dr. Russell Moore the dean of the School of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and preaches at Highview Baptist Church near Louisville, Ky. told NPR's Audie Cornish that calling on government to hold companies responsible for their actions isn't out of character for evangelicals.

"There's really nothing conservative — and certainly nothing evangelical — about a laissez-faire view of a lack of government regulation," Moore says, "because we, as Christians, believe in sin."

"That means if people are sinful, if all of us are sinful, then all of us have to have accountability — and that includes corporations." Moore says. "Simply trusting corporations to go about their business without polluting the water streams and without destroying ecosystems is really a naive and utopian view of human nature. It's not a Christian view of human nature."

I propose to you that if our government is too big, then we cannot allow it to fail because if it fails, we fail and we as Americans would be up the creek without a paddle. So that for those of you who want President Obama to fail, you are only wishing our country to fail and that is not very patriotic of you even if you parade around in Patriot costumes, wear lapel flags and carry misspelled signs.

Halliburton, the oil services company formerly headed by US Vice-President Dick Cheney, is moving its headquarters from Texas to Dubai.

The company said it hoped the move to the United Arab Emirates would help it expand its business in the Middle East. Halliburton won valuable contracts in Iraq following the US-led invasion of 2003, some of which were awarded without competitive bidding.

The oil giant will keep an office in Houston but the posts of chairman, president and chief executive will be based in Dubai. Chief Executive Dave Lesar, speaking at a conference in Bahrain, confirmed that he would be relocating.