Thursday, November 15, 2012


We were created different but we’re equal under the law
The crass ignorance about culture and art, the inability of a great number of Americans to appreciate the legacy of civilization has brought about a disturbingly large number of people who would much rather wallow in ignorance and superstition, I am sure you know somebody like that…some who thinks that fine art is the image of Jesus painted on black velvet, their sofas covered with plastic and the lamps with tassels.
Traditionally, as a whole, Americans have been somewhat lacking in the fields of History and Geography…it is understandable as it goes hand in hand with this nationalistic superiority concept. Some politicians as of late have taken on this ignorant persona in order to appeal to this dumber than a rock base. Sarah Palin and Herman Cain being some very good examples of ignorance flaunting.
It is not surprising that the Republicans want to end the Endowment For The Arts and NPR…Big Bird would be the main course at their Thanksgiving dinner. 
But the rejection of meritocracy and academic excellence is not a fluke nor is it unexpected. When we speak about “normal” we are talking about people who can’t deviate from what is socially accepted or have any courage to be individuals. “Normal” has now an undertone of mediocrity, less than, lacking from, and mistakenly equated with democracy. This idea that everyone has to be the same stems from the concept that under the law everyone is the same…but it is not taking into consideration that each and everyone of us is different. 
I think it would serve us better to clarify this point: THAT WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT BUT EQUAL UNDER THE LAW.
The underachievers, the cry babies who didn’t like the results of the elections at one point suggested 2nd Amendment options, now they are suggesting to SECEDE from the Union. These people are so ignorant that they are now conducting some asinine petition to secede from the United States not taking into consideration that it is not allowed. But most of all, they are not even considering the implications as someone very keen has done - below:
“Fun letter from a Pastor friend of mine and former Texan with facts that should make Texans think twice!
Dear Texas, I can appreciate that some of you are unhappy with recent election results..but before you try to secede, let’s consider a few facts:
1.   3 million: that’s how many acres of Texas are owned by the Federal Government, including half a million owned by the Department of Defense. We’ll sell that to you for 2 trillion dollars. No credit, sorry, you are a new nation so you have no credit.
2. 180,000: that’s the number of federal retirees there are in Texas. They will be leaving since our VA and military hospitals will be closing.
3. 230,000: that’s the number of federal employees there are in Texas–from border patrol to military. Some of them will leave..but a lot of them will be unemployed.
4. 57.5 Billion Dollars: That’s how much the United States Government spent in Texas in 2011 on everything from food assistance to building roads to construction projects, but not counting retirement or medical benefits for individuals or unemployment benefits. Next year? 0
5. 8 percent of $648 Billion. We figure it will take you a year to get your army/navy together. That’s your share of the defense budget for next year.
6. 8 percent of $16 trillion dollars: you’re on the mortgage for our national debt, too. Gold or us currency only, thanks.
7. 0: The amount of the social security, medicare and medicaid trust money you get upon leaving. Secession is an act of sedition. You don’t think there are no penalties, right? Current recipients will continue to draw just like other Americans living abroad…but no new recipients. They are your responsibility.
8. 22 percent: that’s the percentage of your population for whom you will be on the hook for Retirement Benefits and Healthcare in the next 20 years. You can estimate at least $ 20 billion per year just for healthcare costs of those retires by year 5, not counting SSI.
Seriously, can we behave like adults and realize we are all in this together?”
I graduated from The University of Texas and can honestly say that the worst four years of my life I spent there. I felt I was not just second class but also unwelcomed, I was the recipient of open racist rejection. As long as I was waiting on their tables, cleaning their floors they had no beef with me; but when I started to attend college and eventually graduated then I met that glass ceiling. Ask me if I ever would like to live there? If Texas was an independent country would I even want to visit? 

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