Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You will always be free to hate and discriminate...just don't expect the government to help you.

 It is not a question of threatening your faith or taking away your rights. It simply boils down to this: you can still believe in little green unicorns from Tasmania and hang from the chandelier to worship them, but it is not incumbent upon the government to put the seal of approval on your faith nor is government obligated to force others to believe in unicorns.You will always have the right to marry anybody you choose and you should respect the rights of others to do the same even if they appear different than you.As for taking your rights away…how does it affect you what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms?As far as children is concerned, you still have the opportunity to instill stupid hatred on your offspring, we can’t dictate that you do not, but beware, those same children will eventually be exposed to other ideas and other people different than yours and different than you and they will realize you were teaching them hatred and stupidity.

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