Sunday, December 9, 2012

The road to righteousness is long and tortuous

How will the Supreme Court rule on DOMA and Prop8?
There are many who are already counting on a victory on both sides of the issues; however, we must be cautiously optimistic about the outcome simply because it is the right thing, the decent and fair decision to be rendered: the equal rights which are owed to everyone.
If we are to examine the political leanings of the Supreme Court, we might be a little apprehensive since there are a few of the judges that have demonstrated extreme conservative views and voted in the past according to ideology and not on Constitutionality.

Is this fact going to railroad those two very important decisions that will either take away or provide basic, decent and fair equal rights to a minority that the rest of society enjoys?

Or will SCOTUS follow a Constitutional map and realize that human rights are basic rights, the pursuit of happiness and the protection of privacy are the cornerstones of our society?

The issue of injecting religious dogma, Christianist bigotry is one that should not be given prominence since it is our tradition not to mix the affairs of religion with those of the state…and in this the Founding Fathers were very emphatically insistent.

If the Supreme Court Judges opt to uphold DOMA and Prop8 they would be incurring the greatest blunder of our times and erase the lines that separate the state from religion; simply because not everyone, actually it is a minority of Americans who oppose granting equal rights to gay citizens…and there are some religions that not only accept but embrace the equality concept…going against that would be favoring one religion over another…supporting the Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Homophobic branch of Christianity.

The road ahead is bumpy and treacherous, the precipices on the sides of the road are precarious and the road itself may be long and yet lead to nowhere.

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  1. Fascinating to see how this all plays out. Too bad we still have so long to wait.