Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Now, isn’t that nice? No longer a capital sin that deserves hanging them? Or as the church lady would say: "isn't that special?"

Focus on the Family President Jim Daly offered a new perspective on homosexuality this week responding to a question about how family members should respond to a gay child. He suggested that being gay is “not a super sin,” but he still advises parents and grandparents to condemn homosexual behaviors:

Focus on the Family President Jim Daly
DALY:” Well, first of all. I don’t mean this controversially but it may sound controversial. The one big thing is: homosexuality is not a super sin. It’s one of many, including adultery — other things — lying, cheating, gossiping; it’s right there in the list. So often I think in the Christian community, because of the political nature of it today, that we tend to raise it up as something worse than all the others.

Tell us Mr. Daly, are homophobic families who found out their son or daughter is gay will now not kick them out of the house? Are those Mormon teenagers excommunicated, humiliated and sent to live in the streets have a break? Maybe their suicide rates will diminish.

I really doubt it as those who are so radically anti-gay will even consider not giving up their quest to spread hate and to continue to discriminate. It is in their DNA, it is going to drive them even further away from that odious organization Mr. Daly leads…they will just have to find another hate group to join.

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