Thursday, January 3, 2013


So why is it impossible to establish sensible, safety and gun ownership legislation that will still protect our Second Amendment and will result in a safer society?

Americans are a mostly peace loving, gentle and generous people, that is inarguably true; but within our society there exists a very small minority that still insists in being the dominant power in politics and in social engineering. These are people who hold even today some very racist views, male dominance and white supremacy ideologies.

On the other hand, there is this very omnipotent organization called the NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION that for the longest time has been hiding behind the Second Amendment in order to benefit the weapons manufacturers and gun merchants. These purveyors of death and violence claim that they love America so much that it is going to be difficult to pry open their hands to take away their guns once cold and long dead and it seems it is the organization that welcomes these social misfits in their ranks to advance their greed for power and money. 

These are not people who care for their country or the welfare of society, it is a rather selfish view of a right that by all accounts should be regulated and closely monitored much in the same way we do driving or the sale of liquor…there is no other alternative and it is obvious we are going to collectively have to tell the NRA to get lost.
The NRA as usual, will blame the liberal media for any bad publicity and accuse "leftist" politicians of carrying out a conspiracy to deprive Americans of their Second Amendment rights. 
Nothing could be farther from the truth, if you consider that neither a left wing tyranny nor a right wing one will allow its citizens to own weapons. A tyrannical right wing dictator would laugh his ass off at the NRA's Second Amendment argument. 


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  1. It seems impossible to stop the NRA or change the attitudes of those gun-loving (automatic weapon loving) Americans.