Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I could have said bitch but this is one of many examples of gays using religion to convince themselves they are immune to their human condition.
What is it about denial that always finds ways to justify some absurd idea of sin and God and the Bible and all the shit that goes along with it?

Ms. Moore admits to being on Grindr and on Adam4Adam and I am willing to bet my right nut that his homosexual forays are not limited to those two but also includes some serious cock sucking at truck stops and public restrooms.

He says in his profile: “Many, many days I have failed to fight perfectly. I have at many times in my walk stooped down and willingly spoon-fed myself the familiar, vile vomit that is sin. Yet, in each and every one of my failures— I was given grace; grace to repent and to keep following after Jesus. The Lord gives me grace each and every day, despite the failures or successes of the day, to believe the truth that Jesus Christ died for my sins and that despite my inability to offer God anything, He offers me everything—He offers me His Son. And in believing this truth, the truth above all truths— I am able to wage war against the hopelessness that fights to consume my heart and destroy my soul. The life-enabling grace given to me because of Jesus Christ, and only because of Jesus Christ, sustains me—to the surprise of many. And even often to the surprise of myself.”

In one place he says: “God has allowed and used our sinfulness a part of His plan to bring glory to His Name. You may think that sounds selfish of God. But look at it this way:

  • God died for your sin, to bring glory to His Name.
  • God forgives your sins, to bring glory to His Name.
  • God offers Himself to you, to bring glory to His Name.
  • God produces joy in your heart, to bring glory to His Name.
  • God works all things for the good of His children, to bring glory to His Name.

Do you see it? God glorifies Himself in demonstrating His goodness toward those who come to Him.”

In case you don’t speak horseshit, Moore is essentially giving himself a pass—the Guy Upstairs forgives him each and every time he logs on to Adam4Adam, (or gets a big dick up his ass) so who are you to judge? So long as you feel bad about your sin—and continue to castigate others for the same sin—you don’t have to stop sinning.

Jones calls Moore’s particularly brand of fuckery “reality-denying foolishness…It’s harmful, hateful, ignorant, irresponsible bullshit that puts shame on innocent people.”

This idea that many Christians have that there is actual sin and an abomination to God’s eyes but that if you repent and embrace Jesus Christ all will be forgiven is to me a very dangerous and stupid concept. You could do all kinds of awful things and still be forgiven? Why do them at all you assholes? Don’t you realize that this comes from the ancient times when the rich would offer treasure to the Church in exchange of indulgence forgiveness?

Could somebody please tell this asshole that there is no such thing as sin, that Jesus never condemned homosexuality and that God doesn’t need constant adulation to “bring glory to his name”…God isn’t that egotistical or flawed.

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