Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI Resigning February 28 – GOOD RIDANCE

Credit: Reuters/Alessandro Bianchi
Maybe the new Pope will actually spread the teachings of Jesus and be more tolerant and promote love instead of hatred, but don’t hold your breath.
(Reuters) - Pope Benedict said on Monday he will resign on Feb 28 because he no longer has the strength to fulfill the duties of his office, becoming the first pontiff since the Middle Ages to take such a step.
Perhaps he would have been more suitable as a Pope during the Middle Ages where his antiquated and hateful messages would have been welcomed.

The pedophilia and molestation by priests everywhere will no doubt continue but how the new Pope will deal with it is another matter. I don’t think that the Church can support a policy of hiding and protecting pedophile priests to avoid prosecution. This hypocritical stance has been going on while at the same time opposing to grant universal rights to LGBT.

Amazing as it seemsVatican official thanks media for uncovering sexual abuse in the Catholic Church…really? Just recently the Church Since the abuse scandal erupted in Boston in 2002 and spread around the world, some Church and Vatican officials have accused the media of irresponsible journalism and exaggeration.
One Latin American cardinal once famously said sexual abuse was “an American problem” in part “invented” by the media.

Acrobats strip for Pope Benedict XVI, perform topless in Vatican the Pope enjoyed that a lot!

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