Friday, February 22, 2013


Do you think that a political party that lied to us and the world about weapons of mass destruction would not lie to us about other things?
And you still don’t think that Republicans haven’t sabotaged all efforts and blocked all legislation to bring us back to prosperity in order to make Obama look bad?
If embarking upon a war like the one we just ended in Iraq, when the Republicans would have known that there would be a price to pay…in terms of treasure and American lives…yet they went on with it based on deceit and demagoguery.
And we continued to see it with the Obamacare “death panels” in 2009 with the uncivil Tea Party protests and disruptions whenever an elected official tried to meet with constituents.
Since President Reagan introduced us to “TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS” the Republicans keep insisting that it is a viable and successful approach to managing the economy and we have seen that time and time again it hasn’t worked.
Oh, it got even crazier, the Republicans kept the ball rolling about rumors of our President not being born in America but in Kenya, being a Muslim, being a socialist, a Nazi and even secretly gay.
Haven’t we had enough of these charades? Haven’t we paid the price in terms of lives and with the horrific deficit these two Republican wars have given us?

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  1. I didnt buy into all the lies, but 47% of Americans who voted did. 33 Senate and 435 House seats are up for re-election in 2014 and if enough of our fellow Americans wise up and rid us of this growing Republicon psychosis, MAYBE some progress will be made in the final two years of the Obama administration ... But I'm not holding my breath.