Thursday, March 7, 2013


DOMA’s express purpose is to create and perpetuate a hierarchy that disadvantages gay people based on their sexual orientation…..
What makes some people or a group of people believe with unbridled passion that they are superior to others because they are born on this or another side of a body of water? By the same token what makes some people think that the pigmentation of a person’s skin is an indication of inferiority or the lack of pigmentation one of superiority?

My argument has always been that nobody should feel superior to others just because that person inserts a penis into a vagina.

Religion has nothing to do with it; sexual activities are the whole territory of individuals and their privacy. The personal nature of sexual relations or sexual orientation should not be a matter of public concern nor should it be of any interest to religious organizations…they should just stay the fuck out of people’s personal lives.

Just as the government, whether local, state or Federal has no business in dictating what is appropriate or not acceptable sexual behavior in the private lives of just can’t legislate morality.

Part of the NAACP reads:
“Of course, the nature of discrimination against gays and lesbians differs fundamentally from de jure racial segregation, just as racial discrimination differs from discrimination based on sex and other suspect classifications to which heightened scrutiny applies. But DOMA and other laws that purposefully infringe on the rights of gay people are analogous to the racial caste system effectuated under “separate but equal” in an important respect: they create and perpetuate a social hierarchy that is premised on the superiority of one group over another.

By virtually any measure, gays and lesbians have been subjected to systemic discrimination throughout our nation’s history, resulting in their ongoing subordination as a class. And DOMA’s express purpose is to create and perpetuate a hierarchy that disadvantages gay people based on their sexual orientation….”

Some people are gay, they are born that way, so get over it, get the hell out of their lives and stop passing judgment which is something Christ expressly frowned upon, that is if you do so on religious grounds because you claim that “your faith requires it”.

Faith is something learned or acquired while sexual orientation is something you are born with or you carry within you.

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