Sunday, June 1, 2014

JUNE IS GAY PRIDE MONTH – Why it is important to confront homophobia

This month of June carries with it the burden of representing the gay community in their quest for equality.

I personally welcome this month as a means to declare our immunity to hatred and homophobia. It is of extreme importance that we are no longer in the being “out” there is nothing left for the homophobes to use against you and try to intimidate you into their idea that they own the rights to discrimination on the basis of their erroneous interpretations of the Scriptures...or out of plain stupidity.
The words of Eleanor Roosevelt ring so true: “Nobody can humiliate you without your consent”
Yes, I've said it many times before: Gay Pride parades are needed, those homophobic idiots need to see us parading, kissing, embracing and most of all, showing that we're proud of who and what we are...otherwise our fate is to surrender our dignity, our freedoms and our very souls to the fanatical-religious assholes.
We all know from experience and from watching how homophobic societies marginalize, repudiate and even kill gay people, and that the homophobes will not just stop at discrimination, they will just as easily see us hanging from trees.
Bothered by gay public displays of affection? Those Gay Days at Disney? Pride Parades with flamboyant queens? Butch lesbians on bikes?...I hope so, that is precisely why June is Gay Pride Month.
If you're male and your penis is too small, you're so butt-ugly you can't get pussy or your religion has poisoned your thoughts...rejoice for the means less competition.
To those homophobic females, who hate gays for pretty much the same reasons as why male homophobes do...remember that a society that is intolerant to one group is usually intolerant of any group.


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