Friday, October 24, 2014


The prospect of the next 2 years with more shut-downs, more inaction, Draconian women health laws, homophobia taken to its limits, rampant racism and in general, a lot of crap...that's what we have to expect.

But don't fret, if the majority of Americans, be it because not enough went out to vote, or because of voter disenfranchising, gerrymandering and tons of anonymous money spent on false advertising and to promote fear...if the American people buy what the Republicans are selling...they will be totally turned off and hostile to anything Republican within 2 years time.

Imagine what has been happening in those red states...multiply that 50 fold, believing that they have been empowered and have a real mandate...what Republicans are going to much harm they are going to inflict upon our country, how many people will be negatively affected.

And all for what? To benefit a handful of billionaires and give yet more tax breaks and subsidies to the large corporations while the majority of the American people suffer dismal financial hardships?

I assure you, this is not fear-mongering, you only have to look at the Republican agenda and what has been happening in those states where they have power. Social Security is first on the chopping block. The list continues with repealing OBAMACARE...which they've voted on doing fifty times. It will extend to the end of Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, EPA, closing all women reproductive health clinics and even outlawing birth control.

Because they feel empowered, then they will double down on oppressing minorities. If you think that the murder of teenagers in the hands of police was horrible...just you wait when their racism is reinforced by giving them a green light to repress and abuse minorities even harder.

The LGBT community will see a lot of their gains reversed, there will be attempts to nullify all same sex marriages and even trying to incorporate a Constitutional Amendment reaffirming that the only valid marriage is that between a man and a woman.

Welcome to theocratic, racist, retrograde America. An oligarchy instead of a democracy, a government that only works for the wealthy and the corporations and not the people it represents.

But wait a minute, how long do you think that kind of shit is sustainable? Or put in other words, how long do you think Americans will tolerate that deviation from what the United States really stands for, who we are as a people and having their dreams and aspirations obliterated by some askew conservative ideology?


Thursday, October 23, 2014

David Benham, Dominionist – not beating around the bush, is he?

 You can't say that these accusations that Fundamentalist Christianists are Dominionists are just is one that clearly and blatantly decries it...DOMINIONIST!

Does the word “DOMINATE” mean anything to you? They want to dominate, don't you know. This is what this human phlegm actually said:

"Unfortunately, the church, now that we have the keys to authority that Christ gives the Christian church, we give that dominion back through our silence. And so what we see now is the struggle for dominion. And one of the ways that we've lost dominion is because Christians, unfortunately, don't believe in the sovereignty of God. God is sovereign over all things. The Bible says in Psalm 24 'the Earth is the Lord's and everything in it,' including government, entertainment, media, education, the legal system, everything. My finances, my sexuality, everything is under God. Does this agenda, this sexual anarchy agenda, does it want dominion? Take a look. Has it got dominion in government? Has it got dominion in entertainment? Has it got dominion, I mean, you name it, in the marketplace? Yes. Absolutely it does. How does God get dominion back? The government exists for the punishment of evildoers and for the reward of those who do good. The problem is, is when we switch good and evil and evil and good. There's only one institution that can fight that dominion battle, and that's the church." - Failed HGTV star David Benham, speaking at an Alliance Defending Freedom event where New York Times columnist Ross Douthat also denounced LGBT rights.

And the church shall govern, dominate, if you will, and the church will implement whatever punishment and rewards they deem worthy or necessary...isn't that what a theocracy is? And you find this garbage in Psalm interesting!
Yet, this piece of excrement is puzzled why in the name of the Dominionist God his show was cancelled by HGTV.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


What makes all these people so repugnant, so odious?

In part, their well earned place among the infamous stems from their insistence that homophobia is great, that they have the right to discriminate and to be assholes. Their warped minds dictate that theirs is a legitimate and just cause, albeit a very profitable one.



For them, it is so much fun to hurt other people, to make them feel inferior for their own validation, to discriminate and humiliate...and that is basically what the homophobes want to do, insist on continuing doing it and getting rich and powerful in the process.
 Sadly, they have had some limited success in recruiting the complicity of local, state and Federal governments to reinforce their agenda...passing discriminatory laws, even if it is extremely clear that ours is not a Christian Nation but a secular our Founding Fathers were so insistent in the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.

We have an endless list of bottom feeders, they come from all walks of life...from bakers to florists, from priests to pastors, from corporations CEO's to retrograde politicians. There's a market out there for this kind of crass way of thinking...their base is composed of very ignorant and uneducated people, most of which are superstitious and have bought into religious dogma, fabricated lies and a fear that if you don't have “faith” you'll go to an imaginary hell.

It's very convenient that homophobia is hiding behind that “faith” and that can't be questioned...because, well, faith is faith, and who's gonna argue with God, right?

The other day, we went to dinner at some friends' house, we brought the food and we were discussing over drinks a conversation we had ten years before; back then, I didn't care whether they called it marriage or civil unions, as long as gays had the same rights as everyone else.

I've since changed my position, I now demand that it is called marriage, because I want to deny homophobes a monopoly on their definition of marriage, I want to deprive them of their ability to discriminate and to feel superior over some absurd concept of “faith” in some imaginary deity that tells them telepathically that homosexuals are sinners and they will go to an imaginary place...very warm and uncomfortable for all eternity!


It has baffled scientists for centuries – and the opportunistic con men have fabricated religion to explain it.

How terribly convenient, science doesn't have an answer, so we'll fabricate one...and embellish it to include outlandish, improbable and absurd fairy tales. That of course is a lot easier to swallow by the ignorant and those who don't have the ability to think rationally.

I don't claim to have the answer either...but I do know this: religions are all false, have nothing to do with the factual answers hidden from us. Hidden because of their complexity, hidden because of our own inability to comprehend. We don't have the intellectual capacity to even talk about least I don't. So I'll shut up...but so should those men of the cloth, they don't have the answers either and fabricating a religion to gain power and treasure just won't do.