Friday, December 19, 2014


So, go out there fellow Floridians and get married on January 6th.

The decision means, absent some unexpected development, that same-sex couples will be able to marry beginning January 6. 
Under the trial court’s order striking down the ban as unconstitutional, the injunction was stayed — or put on hold — until the end of the day January 5. State officials have appealed the ruling striking down the ban, but also asked higher courts to keep the trial court’s order on hold during that appeal. 
The 11th Circuit had rejected Florida’s request and, on Friday evening, the Supreme Court did as well. Justice Clarence Thomas, who hears such applications from the 11th Circuit, referred the matter to the full court, which then denied the request.
Both Thomas and Justice Antonin Scalia, the brief order noted, would have granted the request. The two previously have noted that they would grant such stay requests during appeals of other marriage ban cases.


Our A.G. is very attractive, although she looks a bit arrogant. Don't you think she ought to bring it down a notch?

So, unless you got your diploma out of some chewing gum machine at WalMart, you must know this: MAJORITY RULES, MINORITIES HAVE RIGHTS!

I didn't study law, but I learned very early about how our American system works, what the definition of DEMOCRACY is. I should think that when you immerse yourself in the law as you have Ms. Bondi, you would be not only aware of the concept, but a champion defender of it.

Majority Rule
Democracy is defined in Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary as:

Government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them either directly or through their elected agents;... a state of society characterized by nominal equality of rights and privileges.
Democracy Requires Minority Rights

Alexis De Tocqueville
Yet majority rule can not be the only expression of "supreme power" in a democracy. If so, as Tocqueville notes above, the majority would too easily tyrannize the minority. Thus, while it is clear that democracy must guarantee the expression of the popular will through majority rule, it is equally clear that it must guarantee that the majority will not abuse use its power to violate the basic and inalienable rights of the minority. Minority Rights II: Protecting Minority Groups in Society
Madisonian and Millian principles safeguard individual and political minorities. But the danger of majority tyranny lies not just in the infringements of individual rights or the marginalization of a political minority, but in the oppression of minority groups in society based simply on criteria such as skin color, ethnicity or nationality, religion, or sexual orientation. Judicial checks on majority tyranny were supposed to expand political and civil rights over time; however, the American courts were themselves often a part of majority tyranny, as numerous Supreme Court cases attest. The 19th-century Dred Scott and Plessy v. Ferguson decisions ruled that African Americans were socially inferior and thus not guaranteed equal protection of the laws (see descriptions of these two cases on the African American History web page).

So, Ms. Bondi, before you waste any more of the tax payer's dollars, since you know damn well that what you are defending is utterly unconstitutional, abandon your political ambitions of becoming governor by using this strategy that not only hurts LGBT Americans but it is going to end up hurting you as well.
You have already demonstrated that the sanctity of marriage is meaningless to you personally with 3 marriages under your belt. At least let some of us enjoy the same privileges and rights you have.
Even if 99% of the people in Florida had voted for a constitutional amendment making the other 1% second class citizens, the concept of MINORITY RIGHTS still applies and thus what they voted on is unconstitutional.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


The President just announced a step that would eventually normalize relations with the island nation.

There are obviously opposition to such a move, mostly it comes from Republicans and from Cubans living in the U.S. Let's take a look at what the arguments are...for and against.

First, it has always been my understanding that the embargo was triggered when the Communist government of Cuba confiscated properties, all private property and lots of it belonging to Americans and U.S,. companies. The aim of the embargo was to hold the Cuban government responsible to compensate those who had their investments, properties and companies confiscated. Today, so far, I haven't heard one single mention of this fact.

Second, the polarization that has always occurred is that Republicans oppose communism and Democrats don't. It is still coming up to be the argument. Cubans in exile even accused President Kennedy of being a Communist. But let's look also at the old guard, the recalcitrant Cuban who does not and will not take responsibility for what took place in Cuba. '

Before Castro, the government was extremely corrupt and repugnantly repressive. The distribution of wealth was very unfair and the Cuban people eventually came out with the pitchforks. Simple as that. But not one Cuban in Miami, nor any Republican critic of the President has taken any responsibility or even acknowledged what the cause of the revolution was.

Today I heard several Republicans and Cuban-Americans voicing the opposition to President Obama's action. I heard everything from requiring the Cuban government held free elections, respect human rights and stop importing their revolution to other countries. There was one Republican who said that the Castro brothers should be tried for crimes against humanity. Maybe, but then again, so should Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.

How disingenuous, how terribly hypocritical of them, when we, who live in a glass house start to throw stones. This begs the question: Do we really have free elections and a democracy in America? I beg to differ, when I see the amount of election rigging, voter disenfranchising and the obscene amounts of money spent by the wealthy and the corporations to buy propaganda and politicians to represent their special interests of the rich and the corporations.

Respect for human rights? Do we not have the largest prison population in the world? Have you spoken to any black person lately about police brutality and even murdering innocent unarmed civilians? Have you spoken to any American gay person who is denied their civil rights, be they in employment, housing or marriage?

Brutal regime? Cuba is a repressive, awful dictatorship, that much we know and everyone agrees, but for Republicans who insist that torture is justified, they are no better than the Castro brothers.

And as to America importing revolution to other nations...I don't think I need to remind anybody of our illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, the endless incursion and meddling into the internal affairs of other nations...for decades.

I have said it before, the embargo was largely symbolic, it had no teeth and it has not worked for half a century...what makes us think that it will bring any different results to keep it in place for another fifty years?

Cuba has been doing business with practically every country in the world regardless of the embargo. The only thing that has curtailed that is the fact that they are a credit risk, actually, they can't be trusted to pay their debts, the Cuban government is a dead-beat one.

Look, I am the first one to say that the free enterprise system is the best economic system there is, but it has to have regulations or what we end up with is something worse than a communist repressive is called a right wing fascist oligarchy. But the Republicans want no regulations, hell, they don't even want a government, so to give free reign to the forces of capitalism, unleashing unadulterated greed and the results we all know: anarchy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


My partner and I have been together more than ten years...our relationship has outlasted all three of yours together.

We refuse to travel to another state to get married and are waiting for Florida to grant us the rights everybody else has, including you, Ms. Bondi.

Bondi was married to Garret Barnes from 1990 to 1992, and to Scott Fitzgerald from 1997 to 2002. She is currently engaged to ophthalmologist Greg Henderson; they held an unofficial (non-binding) ceremony in the Cayman Islands on May 26, 2012.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Make them punch in and out and pay them by the hours worked. Then we'll see some legislation done.

Senators and Congressmen should have by law, to adhere to the same workplace rules as the rest of us and follow them. If they don't, penalties should be no work, no pay, only 2 weeks paid vacations per year, and so on.

We would then see a remarkable increase in legislation passed.

While we're on the subject of everyone
adhering by the same rules, if the Republicans keep insisting that corporations are people, let's give corporations full citizenship. But with it, they will only have one vote, they can't donate any money to political candidates or any organization that exceeds that which us ordinary mortals can.

Furthermore, only corporations with headquarters in the United States would be granted full citizenship and all
the rights pertaining to it. Foreign based corporations will be forbidden to vote or to donate funds for political campaigns or candidates. That should protect America from some corporation representing an adversary to have any influence in our political system.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


The only way that a boycott against the Kochs is going to be successful is if we all agree on doing it one product at a time. .

What we don't want is to have a failed effort, like all those boycotts from AFM that are pitifully laughable and fail miserably.

Lets face it, the Kochs are almost an invincible force in view of their sheer wealth and influence. The insensitivity of the Koch brothers is unfathomable and there is no other way they will understand the total contempt and repulsion the general public feels about their meddling in politics, their unlimited, anonymous contributions to right-wing extremism and the candidates who are beholden to their askew Bircher philosophy.

The Koch's arrogance can only be neutralized by public humiliation and repulsion...the only way to do that is to refuse to buy anything Koch. Take your pick from below, but let's all be on the same page.



So, what I am suggesting is that since there are so many companies, products and services the Koch brothers own, that we take them one at a time, systematically, thoroughly, with highly publicized boycotts.

Anybody has an idea how to go about it?


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Our Founding Fathers were all Communists – Breaking News

Rick Santorum Says Separation of Church and State is a Communist Idea, Not an American One.

“On a recent conference call with failed Virginia Lieutenant Governor candidate E.W. Jackson, former Pennsylvania senator and long time theocrat Rick Santorum responded to a caller waxing poetic about the communist influences in the Democratic Party's support for gay rights and immigration reform by adding that the whole idea of separation of church and state really has more in common with communist Russia than it does with our good old red, white, and blue.”

This is a significant revelation, we thank the


former Senator for the enlightenment he 


has provided all of us. 


We now realize that we have been 


living a lie, that Democracy and the


 Constitution are all a conspiracy to 


give the queers and the Blacks the 


white America that rightfully belongs 


to them. It is of particular importance 


because the revelation that all of our


 Founding Fathers were Communists, 


it changes everything, the Constitution 


is no longer a venerated, useful 


document to guide our country. 


The hell with the Constitution, it is all a


 Communist Conspiracy!