Tuesday, November 25, 2014


You armed yourselves and prevented a riot through repression...you've only postponed confrontation.

Sure, there was no indictment for the murder by police of a young man who was unarmed. So, the officer who killed him is going to get away with it. Well Skippy, what you've done is to buy yourself another day, prolong the confrontation, and it would not be a confrontation if you didn't insist in repressing, silencing, killing even, in order to maintain white privilege.

But in reality, since we as a society are not willing to change our racist attitudes and to stop excluding others who appear different, the problem is still going to be there.

  The killing of Michael Brown may go unpunished, the inequities in income distribution may continue for a little longer, the homophobia will still be there because we allow it, xenophobia will continue to stain our collective mentality...but the underlying impunity will still be there and many of us, most of us, will not forget.

You have only bought yourselves some more time, equal rights are looming in the horizon and it means equal for everyone, including the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

HRC released the following statement from HRC President Chad Griffin:

Michael Brown’s family and the American people deserve to have this case fully adjudicated in a public trial. Today’s deeply disappointing decision by the grand jury denies them that opportunity. Until we as a nation make a meaningful commitment to ending police profiling—and to fully prosecuting individual cases of brutality—the kind of violence that ended Michael Brown’s life will only continue. As advocates for equality, it’s our job to show solidarity with a growing national movement to break this cycle of police violence.”

While we cannot begin to imagine the pain that the Brown family is facing at this moment, we send our thoughts, prayers and condolences to them during this heartbreaking and difficult time. We also stand in solidarity with the family's encouragement of peaceful protests and reflection following this decision.”

In August, HRC joined dozens of prominent national and local LGBT and other civil rights organizations in an open letter of solidarity with the family of Michael Brown. A portion of that letter is included below:

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community cannot be silent at this moment, because LGBT people come from all races, creeds, faiths and backgrounds, and because all movements of equality are deeply connected. We are all part of the fabric of this nation and the promise of liberty and justice for all is yet to be fulfilled.”

We have to ask ourselves as a society: Do we spend all that treasure and effort to maintain the status quo in order to preserve bigotry? Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper just to divorce ourselves from racism and white privilege? How long do you think pepper spray, brutality and yes, killing will work?

Sunday, November 23, 2014


The repercussions of the mid-term elections are already being felt.

In the noise chamber that is Fox News and all the right-wing pundits, the expectation is that President Obama ought to capitulate, the consensus is that he should resign. They even had the gall to sue him.

Those who do not reflect that sentiment, are suggesting that the President just signs all legislation coming from both houses, in the spirit of bipartisan cooperation. WTF?

In the last six years, Republicans have done nothing resembling compromise, they have blocked, delayed, opposed and sabotaged any of the President's efforts to pass meaningful progressive legislation. And make no mistake about it...what compromise means to Republicans is we give up everything, they get all they want.

Sadly, some democrats wanted to divorce themselves from the President, they didn't even want to be seen with him, they kept saying “Obama is not running, I am” and they lost. Had they stood their ground, had they proudly carried the progressive liberal banner, the story would have been so much different.

Yet, even now, after the humiliating defeat, after six years of senseless opposition, some democrats are saying that perhaps the President and the Democratic Party should sway to the right, to capitulate on issues. Can you say “DINO”? (democrat in name only)

When you think about it, you ask yourself: Can we allow to end Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, equal pay and women's rights, gay rights, labor rights, immigration reforn and a host of other issues? Are we going to see the Congress and Senate vote for the 100th time to end Obamacare, to sit idly while they try to impeach the President, to humiliate him, to pass bills that contain all that hurts America and Americans?

I say to you, there is no fucking way that the American people will go for that kind of shit. They may have been misguided, misinformed, did not vote or simply don't give a shit...but one thing is for sure, when it comes right down to it, who really won this election was the Koch brothers and a handful of billionaires, corporations that don't even have their headquarters in America and the fucking right wing Evangelical-religious fanatics.

Just because these rich folks had money coming out of their asses and used it to buy politicians, who in turn did all the gerrymandering, voter suppression, negative advertising and put out lies in ads financed by these rich people, given to candidates and their party anonymously, are we going to call that democratic?

I suggest that the President vetoes each and every bill that comes across his desk. Maybe then the Republicans will have to take some of their own bitter horse-pill and realize that what they have done is not just unethical, it is downright unpatriotic, even bordering on treason.

And the President should give a press conference as he is stamping his veto on their bill, and say: Yes, we want the minimum wage raised, but Republicans attached this clause that undermines Medicare...or, Sure, we want to fix our immigration problem, but I can't sign a bill that raises the retirement age to 70, or even, “the Republicans just sent me a legislation that funds women's health clinics, but it contains a clause that declares the only marriage is that between a man and a woman and all same sex marriages already performed will be voided by this law”

Yes, treason, because if you hurt the very people who elected you to represent them over some askew ideology, then you are a traitor, you're the one who should be impeached for dereliction of duty, for acting shitty only because you want to make the President look bad...why do you want to do that? Oh, yes, how can we forget...because you are a fucking racist!

Seriously folks, shouldn't the Kochs and those billionaires invest in renewable energy like wind and solar, get in on the ground floor, make a profit, do the right thing for the environment and what's ethical, instead of spending obscene amounts of money to buy elections?

It baffles me to think that for the next two years and possibly four more, we are going to be governed by people who believe the world is 6,000 years old, they believe that the world is coming to an end the day after tomorrow, they loath science and believe climate change is a hoax. Furthermore, they think that government is the problem and ought to be done away with it.

My question is this, if the world is coming to an end so soon, why do we bother to educate our children, build roads and bridges? If these right wing crackpots don't believe in government at all, as in anarchy...why do they seek public office?

And I ask once again, do we want to live under a plutocratic, racist theocracy?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

NOM wants to fight Gay Marriage for 100 Years

And we have been discriminated, ridiculed, humiliated and even killed for the last 2,000 years. Do you think that after fighting this long we're gonna give up now?

Here's the thing, this asshole says that NOM will fight against gay people having the same rights as everyone else. NOM strives to maintain their right to discriminate based on some abstract concept of what faith is.

Furthermore, it is their objective to have a monopoly on the definition of marriage , even if marriage has already been re-defined thousands of times, as when you marry off your daughter in exchange for 20 goats.

So, fine, they will fight gay

marriage and equal rights for LGBT people for the next 100 years. But let's make one thing clear: we're not going back in the closet, we waited this long, so, what is another 100 years? What is another 1,000 years?

In a press release from NOM chairman emeritus Robert George said:

"We have to resolve that we will stand for marriage and fight for however long it takes - it might be 20 years, it might be 50 years, it might be 100 years - to rebuild the marriage culture and to restore in law, where it has been displaced, a sound understanding of marriage. As a result of this, we will draw ridicule. We will bring scorn upon ourselves, because powerful people in institutions reject our understanding of marriage. They reject what everyone understood marriage to be until yesterday. And they claim that anyone who disagrees with them is a bigot, or a hater, or is motivated by irrational animus, or archaic religious beliefs. Yet we must suffer that, be willing to suffer that opprobrium, perhaps discrimination, perhaps the loss of friends, perhaps even conflict within the family, for the sake of rebuilding marriage, because so much for people depends on it, and especially for the poor."

Love will win over hate!




It all has to do with the advise my illiterate grandfather gave me

To most people, the incidental hand shake is nothing more than a formality, a demonstration of civility. To me, it is an opportunity. You see, there is one very important assessment you can make upon meeting someone and shaking his/her hand.

My grandfather, who was illiterate until he met my grandmother, taught me a thing or two...mostly about ethics and honesty. He suggested that when I met someone and I shook their hand, that I must look at them straight in the eyes. He had a theory that when you shook somebody's hand and they looked away, or they looked down, that person didn't think you were either important enough for them to bother with you, or, that person was not righteous, perhaps had something to hide.

I have met four Presidents: Kennedy, Reagan, Nixon and LBJ, I shook their hands and had a brief interchange of words.

I met President Kennedy when I sang with The Young Americans” and we were part of the entertainment for a dinner Kennedy gave in Los Angeles for the President of India at the Coconut Grove. He came backstage and shook our hands...and when he shook mine, he not only grasped my hand, but he also extended the other hand to clasp mine...and he looked at me straight in the eyes...I knew then the man was righteous.

Just a few short time later, I was working in the tailor shop where Regan had his suits made. He was then running for Governor of California and I was in the office when Mrs. Mariani called me and asked me to come downstairs because she wanted me to meet somebody. Right there on the pavement of Rodeo Drive in Beverly hills, Mrs. Mariani was speaking to this man and she turned to me and said: “Raul, I want you to meet the next President of the United States. He extended his hand and I did too...I looked at him straight in the eyes and he looked down, then looked away. I knew then he wasn't worth a shit.

I went away to college and did my first year at Southern Illinois University. While a student there, I worked for the University Catering Service. President Nixon came to Carbondale for some dinner and I was one of two waiters assigned to the head table. I did notice that Nixon was evasive, not even acknowledging my presence...I was a servant he didn't have to be bothered with or even recognize my existence.

I have to admit it...the thought crossed my mind as I retrieved the President's dinner plate from the kitchen assembly line...should I spit on it? Perish the thought...he's not even worth my spit.

Pat Nixon, who was a chain smoker, had her ashtray dumped by me at least three times, then when I came back to refill the coffee, I started to pour it into her cup and she actually put her hand over the cup. Naturally, she burned herself. I felt bad, but it was a matter of her not paying attention. I almost lost my job that night.

A couple of years later, I was a student at the University of Texas and I audited a course taught by Lyndon B. Johnson.

LBJ did the nation wrong by the war in Vietnam, his domestic reforms, collectively known as the “Great Society”, brought about the greatest improvements in domestic life since the New Deal of FDR, and has not been matched since by any President. Say what you will about him, but I ran into him a couple of times on campus. The first time he shook my hand and looked at me in the eyes...the second time, much to my surprise, he even remembered my name.

I often sat in the front row as not to miss one word he said. LBJ had the best eye-contact of any public speaker I had known then and since.

So, do yourself a favor, apply this technique of shaking the hand and looking at the person in the eyes. Also, play a little game in your mind in order to associate the name with the face...it works almost every time. That is not to say that you should dispose of that person's friendship, but at least be vigilant and prepare yourself for any disappointments if they look down or away.

Friday, November 21, 2014


Michelle Bachmann is...as for myself, I'm more scared of illiterate white people, those carrying misspelled signs or carrying guns to shoot young blacks wearing hoodies and carrying candy.

Rep. Michele Bachmann had a very obtuse and racist reaction to the President's Immigration Reform executive action, she actually said:

“The social cost will be profound on the U.S. taxpayer — millions of unskilled, illiterate, foreign nationals coming into the United States who can’t speak the English language,” Bachmann told reporters at the Capitol. “Even though the president says they won’t be able to vote, we all know that many, in all likelihood, will vote.”

Bachmann added: “The president has a very single-minded vision. He’s looking at new voters for 2016.... People do vote without being a citizen. It’s a wink and a nod, we all know it’s going to happen." First of all, even people born in America, who have voted for decades are being denied that right with all the voter disenfranchising the Republicans have put in place. What makes her think that those brown evil people will be able to produce satisfactory identification to trump the crazy and discriminatory new voting laws? As far as the social cost, she is way out in outer space. It is us foreigners who pick the fruit, clean the floors and serve the tables of America. Mind you, we do so at sub-standard low wages. The way it is right now, since many undocumented people work under the table, they don't pay taxes...and neither do their employers...Immigration reform will rectify that. And lastly, I like to take issue with this xenophobic, racist, homophobic extremist, there are a great number of native born Americans who are for all practical purposes illiterate. I think that the existence of the Tea Party is a good indicator of that.
These are the very people who elect the Michelle Bachmanns of the Republican Party. Don't you think that it might be better to worry about them, convince them to finish the 7th grade and perhaps then they can be intelligent enough to vote?

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Not only will it try to fix a broken immigration system but it will also divide Republicans even further.
I think that most importantly, the President has finally come to terms that the Republicans are not willing to work with him and they have been sabotaging his presidency.

The realization that it is a vicious, unnecessary war coming from the Republicans in the last 6 years is enough of a motivating factor to act on his own when they refuse to do it.

Constitutionally, I think the President is on solid ground, having had several previous Presidents, some of which have been Republicans...they have taken similar actions.

But I think that when the level heads, if there are any left in the Republican Party, come to admit that the Tea Party confrontational, adversarial stance even as the President has been pragmatic, accommodating, compromising and sensible, only to be met with disrespect, for him and his office.

In the future, those who prevail will seal the fate of the Republican Party. If the Tea Baggers have their way, say good by to the GOP. If on the other hand, some kind of common sense miraculously emerges from Republicans, they might have a slight chance to get some...not many, Latino votes.


The Republicans are good at it and have plenty of experience doing it.

Senator McCain said that the President ought to wait on immigration until the new Congress takes over and has had time to do some work. Are you kidding me?

The Republicans have had six years to do something, anything...but they opted to conspire and adopt an adversarial position even as the President was being sworn into office on Inauguration day, they were already plotting to vote no on everything he proposed, they said it clearly: We're gonna make this a one term President. What could anybody, any naïve and ignorant person think that the Republicans are now going to do anything different, anything that would give the President any credit, any kind of legacy?

When we think of the legacy of Jimmy Carter, we think of a meek, ineffective and incompetent hick. The Republicans succeeded in painting a very distorted picture of the 39th President of the United States.

"Nicholas Dawidoff points out, that for years Carter was considered a failure because he was a single-term president, because he was perceived as weak, and because he refused to take action against America's newly minted enemy, Iran. But, at this distance, the three great achievements of that single term seem even more of an achievement today: he forced through the Camp David Accords, one of only two peace treaties that Israel has ever signed, isolating Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin at Camp David for 13 days until he gradually wore them down; he also forced through the Panama Canal Treaty, a deeply unpopular move that returned the canal to Panama, but which prevented, many believe, a difficult and nasty war in Latin America; and he brought in an energy policy that saw him reduce America's dependency on imported oil by half. He was mocked – three decades before global warming became a fashionable concern – for walking around the White House, turning down the thermostats.

What he's most proud of, though, is that he didn't fire a single shot. Didn't kill a single person. Didn't lead his country into a war – legal or illegal. "We kept our country at peace. We never went to war. We never dropped a bomb. We never fired a bullet. But still we achieved our international goals. We brought peace to other people, including Egypt and Israel. We normalised relations with China, which had been non-existent for 30-something years. We brought peace between US and most of the countries in Latin America because of the Panama Canal Treaty. We formed a working relationship with the Soviet Union."

SOURCE: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/sep/11/president-jimmy-carter-interview

Frankly, Jimmy Carter was Mr. Nice Guy, was also in the awkward spot of being in the cross-hairs of the Republican viciousness. He is a simple guy, a nice guy, a true Christian who won't hurt a fly, and that is what did him in.

Let's forward now to President Clinton...the Republicans tried and failed to impeach him. What the hell are they thinking? People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. While the impeachment procedures were taking place, there were a handful, perhaps dozens oH Republicans involved in numerous adulterous affairs, others were trying to put the moves on male Congressional pages, and still others sucking dicks in some public restroom...and they want to impeach the President for getting a blow job?

With President Obama, the Republicans have thrown everything at him including the kitchen sink. It has been clear that from not being born in America to secretly being a Muslim, from absurd conspiracy theories to even accusing him of being a closeted gay...they have tried...and our Teflon guy has deflected all attempts to discredit and humiliate him.

And it didn't come as a natural growth of disdain with the work he was doing, the Republicans were already meeting somewhere while his inauguration was taking place and they were discussing how to make the “n....r a one term President”

Why is this animosity, this visceral dislike for our first Black President other than racism? I think it is simply this: Bush was so bad, such an incompetent, inarticulate and tainted President that the Republicans somehow want to make Obama look worse...if that is humanly possible. You add to that the religious fanaticism that insists our government should be turned into a theocracy, coupled with the immoral greed of the Kochs and other billionaires, and you have the recipe for a full blown attack on our President.

I only hope that the next two years of his presidency will not be ones of capitulation and bending over backwards to please the Republicans...they declared the war on Obama from day one of his first term...and now he's going to have to continue the battle until he leaves office...no compromise, not giving an inch, vetoing everything they send him...otherwise, Obama will be vilified and ridiculed as they have done with Jimmy Carter.

So, Senator McCain and fellow Republicans, you say you want more time? More time for what? To oppose and sabotage the Obama Presidency?

Well, it may have some negative repercussions and the President may be thoroughly condemned...but one of the good things that will come of it, other than bringing into the legal fold all those undocumented immigrants...it is simply this, the Republicans are showing their true colors, they are allergic to eñes and accents and for the next two generations there will not be many Hispanics voting Republican.