Saturday, October 18, 2014


What makes all these people so repugnant, so odious?

In part, their well earned place among the infamous stems from their insistence that homophobia is great, that they have the right to discriminate and to be assholes. Their warped minds dictate that theirs is a legitimate and just cause, albeit a very profitable one.



For them, it is so much fun to hurt other people, to make them feel inferior for their own validation, to discriminate and humiliate...and that is basically what the homophobes want to do, insist on continuing doing it and getting rich and powerful in the process.
 Sadly, they have had some limited success in recruiting the complicity of local, state and Federal governments to reinforce their agenda...passing discriminatory laws, even if it is extremely clear that ours is not a Christian Nation but a secular our Founding Fathers were so insistent in the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.

We have an endless list of bottom feeders, they come from all walks of life...from bakers to florists, from priests to pastors, from corporations CEO's to retrograde politicians. There's a market out there for this kind of crass way of thinking...their base is composed of very ignorant and uneducated people, most of which are superstitious and have bought into religious dogma, fabricated lies and a fear that if you don't have “faith” you'll go to an imaginary hell.

It's very convenient that homophobia is hiding behind that “faith” and that can't be questioned...because, well, faith is faith, and who's gonna argue with God, right?

The other day, we went to dinner at some friends' house, we brought the food and we were discussing over drinks a conversation we had ten years before; back then, I didn't care whether they called it marriage or civil unions, as long as gays had the same rights as everyone else.

I've since changed my position, I now demand that it is called marriage, because I want to deny homophobes a monopoly on their definition of marriage, I want to deprive them of their ability to discriminate and to feel superior over some absurd concept of “faith” in some imaginary deity that tells them telepathically that homosexuals are sinners and they will go to an imaginary place...very warm and uncomfortable for all eternity!


It has baffled scientists for centuries – and the opportunistic con men have fabricated religion to explain it.

How terribly convenient, science doesn't have an answer, so we'll fabricate one...and embellish it to include outlandish, improbable and absurd fairy tales. That of course is a lot easier to swallow by the ignorant and those who don't have the ability to think rationally.

I don't claim to have the answer either...but I do know this: religions are all false, have nothing to do with the factual answers hidden from us. Hidden because of their complexity, hidden because of our own inability to comprehend. We don't have the intellectual capacity to even talk about least I don't. So I'll shut up...but so should those men of the cloth, they don't have the answers either and fabricating a religion to gain power and treasure just won't do.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Yes, we have freedom of speech, but that

 doesn't mean we have to pay attention to

 human phlegm like her.


Thanks Linda Harvey for your intelligent and insightful response to the Supreme Court ruling. "The liberal majority in the 2014 Roberts court will now be labeled with the 'C' word—for being cowards. “These justices upended American civilization while standing on the sidelines. Millions of voters in five states were assaulted in the public square, disenfranchised by this court’s decision to not overturn erroneous lower court rulings validating same sex 'marriage.' Like Saul during the stoning of Stephen, they became bystanders, nodding their assent as terrible violence was committed. The 'gay' bullies got their way. Truth and morality were trampled but the black-robed bystanders will plead innocence. But let’s not just pick on certain lawyers because they do operate with some powerful constraints at times. What’s needed and totally possible is a firm stand by the GOP, no longer adopting the loaded lingo of the left, like denying being 'anti-gay,' which makes me want to scream." - Hate group leader Linda Harvey, writing for BarbWire.
I would like to ask Ms. Harvey these questions: American civilization? What exactly do you mean? Is it civilized to discriminate against a group of people because you believe that group of people is less than, inferior than, horrible perverts due to some twisted, perverse interpretations of some ancient Scriptures attributed to an imaginary God and written by delusional, decrepit old men?

Zachary's murderer: his own homophobic mother

Clearly, one of the strongest bonds that exists between two human beings is that of the love of a mother for her child. But even that is trumped when a fanatical religious parents kick their son or daughter out of the house when they find out they are gay. Thousands upon thousands of youngsters live on the streets, homeless, because of their parent's twisted religious beliefs. Just ask any Mormon teenager out there in the streets...better yet, why don't we ask Mrs. Dutro, who beat her 4 year old son Zachary to death because she thought he was gay? No, religious fanatics on your side don't make very good parents. Just when did you hear of a gay couple kicking out of the house a son or daughter when they found out they were heterosexual?
And “GAY BULLIES GOT THEIR WAY”? Really Ms. Harvey, just like your Christianist, homophobic bullies have been getting away with it for centuries, persecuting, humiliating, and even killing gay people?Then you say what is needed is a firm stand by the GOP...but you forget, you already have that...and against women, and Blacks, and labor unions, and seniors, and, and, go ahead, scream your lungs out...scream until you're blue in the face...or perhaps hold your breath until you pass out, you bigoted, homophobic human phlegm!


Friday, October 10, 2014


When AIDS became an epidemic those homophobic preachers were giddy, rejoicing because God had finally sent a plague to punish those perverted homosexuals.

But now, they are going to have to sing a different tune...because those affected by EBOLA are people from all walks of life, all races, all sexual orientation.

Could it be that God is sending this curse because of the gays? Or could it be to punish homophobia? It could be the latter since most of the people and countries where Ebola has appeared are the very homophobic countries of Africa. 



Thursday, October 9, 2014

What if there's no heaven, no hell?

Would you work harder at fighting ignorance and superstition, injustice and bigotry, would you then want to leave your children a better world than the one you were born into?