Wednesday, October 29, 2014


So the rich and the corporations get more tax cuts?...then VOTE!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014


It is a possibility, and everyone is expecting disaster, total inaction and a Legislative branch so hostile to the President that it would actually make the shit fly back in their faces.



So, they get the whole fucking Capitol...if we are to go by what has happened in the last 6 years, then we can safely assume that the complete

dominance by Republicans will result in more of the same...more votes to repeal Obamacare, two or three more government shut downs, more Draconian laws

against women's health and even birth control, added efforts to disenfranchise yet more minority voters, and, of course, one massive, mother fucking effort from Republicans to reverse the same sex marriage advances of the past ten years.



We could easily see many directives, drives, programs and even legislation geared towards the repeal of same sex marriage where it is already legal and the

effort to come up with a Constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and a woman.

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the EPA, the Post

Office, Public Education and more will be in jeopardy, the redistribution of wealth will be more acute, with even more going to the very rich,

and the total disregard for the poor and the middle class will be felt across the country as they sit for a Sunday dinner of beans and 5 day old bread.

But I say: Let the mother fuckers have their way. The American people are not so dumb, they are not so radical right, they are so fed up with the influence of

the Fundamentalist Evangelical Bible pushers, the Koch brothers and the whole GOP that if it was to happen, it may very well be a blessing in see, not only are demographics against Republicans to safeguard rich-white privilege, but the total disregard for the democratic process

will make the American people so utterly pissed that the Republicans will not be able to elect anybody, not even dog catcher, come 2016.

Is the Republican Party doomed? You bet it is, and what you are seeing is the

death rattle, the last and futile efforts to take one more breath, to stay in power two more years in order to push one askew and perverse agenda...that my friends is what could

easily happen if they get a majority in the let them, it is like signing their own death sentence.



Saturday, October 25, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014


The prospect of the next 2 years with more shut-downs, more inaction, Draconian women health laws, homophobia taken to its limits, rampant racism and in general, a lot of crap...that's what we have to expect.

But don't fret, if the majority of Americans, be it because not enough went out to vote, or because of voter disenfranchising, gerrymandering and tons of anonymous money spent on false advertising and to promote fear...if the American people buy what the Republicans are selling...they will be totally turned off and hostile to anything Republican within 2 years time.

Imagine what has been happening in those red states...multiply that 50 fold, believing that they have been empowered and have a real mandate...what Republicans are going to much harm they are going to inflict upon our country, how many people will be negatively affected.

And all for what? To benefit a handful of billionaires and give yet more tax breaks and subsidies to the large corporations while the majority of the American people suffer dismal financial hardships?

I assure you, this is not fear-mongering, you only have to look at the Republican agenda and what has been happening in those states where they have power. Social Security is first on the chopping block. The list continues with repealing OBAMACARE...which they've voted on doing fifty times. It will extend to the end of Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, EPA, closing all women reproductive health clinics and even outlawing birth control.

Because they feel empowered, then they will double down on oppressing minorities. If you think that the murder of teenagers in the hands of police was horrible...just you wait when their racism is reinforced by giving them a green light to repress and abuse minorities even harder.

The LGBT community will see a lot of their gains reversed, there will be attempts to nullify all same sex marriages and even trying to incorporate a Constitutional Amendment reaffirming that the only valid marriage is that between a man and a woman.

Welcome to theocratic, racist, retrograde America. An oligarchy instead of a democracy, a government that only works for the wealthy and the corporations and not the people it represents.

But wait a minute, how long do you think that kind of shit is sustainable? Or put in other words, how long do you think Americans will tolerate that deviation from what the United States really stands for, who we are as a people and having their dreams and aspirations obliterated by some askew conservative ideology?