Monday, July 21, 2014


How can we put this to you? You lost, you lost, you lost, and you're a homophobic loser.

I'm kind of curious, I would like to know what flavor religion or denomination it is that teaches this dense human phlegm that he should not make a cake for gays...where is it in those ambiguous Scriptures' text that tell you that doing business with gays will make you unclean, unworthy, less than...I have yet to be shown where it was that Jesus said anything against homosexuality.

Considering the insistence of appealing time and time again, one can only surmise that this guy really has a severe case of homophobia and not one of dedicated faith, and if it is because of faith, his preacher should be stripped of his divinity degree and defrocked, because garbage like that is only taught to ignorant followers to get power and treasure on the part of those pastors.

Lastly, after all the negative publicity his business has received, I should think that no self respecting gay couple would want their wedding cakes made by him...I for one would be hesitant because if he appeals and appeals, he's also capable of inserting cyanide in the fucking cake. I'm sure he will willingly provide the Kool-Aid a la Jim Jones.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Healthcare providers like doctors, nurses and hospitals should be glad if insurance companies were out of the pictures altogether.

Thanks a lot OBAMACARE, but with the proven success it has had, we are now able to see the advantages of UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE.

It's not unusual to question the motives for opposing a reasonable, affordable, fair and equitable healthcare system. You can not just guess at who is opposing it, but also why.

It is my opinion that insurance companies are blood-sucking parasites; they don't manufacture a product or even provide a service. The insurance companies exist for the sole purpose of making a profit...ignoring all along that the business of insurance is risk.

Insurance companies don't enhance healthcare, they don't even pretend to manage it..the bottom line is the outrageous salaries and bonuses the executives at insurance companies receive.

In my book, if that money was not going to these blood-suckers, perhaps the cost of healthcare would actually come down even making room for increases in research, prevention and remuneration for those who actually are the boots on the ground in the war against disease.

That is why my blood boils when I see an ad like this one from the Heritage Foundation...yes, you know the one...a right-wing think tank paid for by special interest groups that have a lot at stake if Obamacare is successful. I suggest to Dr. Carson that there is a real and affordable solution, it's called “UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE”

One of their bogus arguments is that other socialized medicine programs like the ones in Canada or the U.K. make patients wait a long time to get medical attention. I beg your pardon, but I rather wait some with the hopes of getting some medical help rather than wait forever knowing I am not going to get any medical treatment at all if I don't have health insurance.

Healthcare providers understand that insurance companies are actually robbing the food from their tables, and that is not cool at all, particularly if you studied your ass off for many years to become a nurse or a doctor and have the benefits of a good job with good pay taken from you so that some insurance executive without much education can have a second mansion in the Hamptons.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


At least you'll be doing something other than voting to repeal Obamacare 50 times.

I think that most of us are tired of Republicans and their inability to do anything constructive. Now they are going to sue the President for actually doing something...something they should have been doing all along, instead of voting for Obamacare 50 times...we get it, you mother f@@rs hate Obamacare even though it is working.

For the umpteenth time, you left the country in ruins, economically and morally, you got us into a war that was unjustified and you lied to this day, the likes of Cheney is not in front of an international court at The Hague being tried for crimes against humanity and he's still defending, as are most Republicans the Bush legacy.

I suppose it's not surprising that they decided to oppose, block, sabotage anything and everything President Obama proposed...because that would make him look bad...and we all know that according to Republicans, it is more important to make Obama look worse than Bush even if it destroys the country.

Well, dear Republicans, I have news for you...listen here Skippy, in spite of your sabotage, the President has sabotaged your efforts to vilify him and destroy him...he has actually been able to accomplish some things...while you keep voting to repeal Obamacare and now you are suing him.

So go ahead, spend our hard earned tax payer's money on a ruse, a frivolous law suit that is destined to fail mostly because your own inactions to produce any meaningful legislation. The American people, as gullible and noble as they are, will remember this, and mid-term elections are just around the corner, no matter how much gerrymandering, voter suppression, anonymous unlimited political dirty money you will all be wasted as will be the tax payer's money spent on this fucking law suit.


Friday, July 18, 2014


How long do you think it's gonna take for one of these religious crackpots to blame the blowing up of the plane to homosexuality and AIDS?

This I can say with a certain degree of certainty: There has never been a natural catastrophe or some man-made disaster that the religious fanatics didn't gloat about or have liked. It is like clockwork, it follows each and every earthquake, tornado, flood, plane crash.

How long do you think it will take for the likes of Pat Robertson or some other Christianist to say that this was a punishment from God because there were so many participants of the international AIDS conference aboard that plane?

100 passengers on board a Malaysian jetliner shot down over Ukraine were world-renowned researchers heading to an international AIDS conference in Australia.

The flight out of Amsterdam was headed to Kuala Lumpur, with some of the passengers planning to connect for a follow-on flight to Australia. As the flight passed over territory held by pro-Russian separatists, it was shot down by a surface-to-air missile.

According to The Australian, it is believed that 108 of the passengers on board were expected in Melbourne.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


While it is still a bit early to begin full-blown celebrations (if you pardon the expression) it is a welcome advancement nevertheless.

No, my partner and I are not heading down immediately to visit a wedding planner. But the reality of being able to live as a loving couple, with the same rights as everyone else has a nice ring to it.

And speaking of rings, we've had matching wedding rings for over ten years now. I think it has been worth the wait.

Decision Day Gatherings!



Today is a day we won’t soon forget.

Moments ago, a Judge Garcia struck down Florida’s marriage ban, affirming that the denial of marriage to same-sex couples in our state is unconstitutional.

It’s a landmark decision - a decision signaling that momentum for marriage is at an all-time high in Florida. Today, all across the state, loving same-sex couples who have waited years - even decades - will at long last be able to marry in the state they call home. Note - Marriage licenses will not be given out in Monroe County until July 22nd. Check out our marriage FAQ guide by clicking here.

It’s an amazing day here in Florida - and I really hope you can celebrate this victory with us tonight.

Join hundreds of Floridians at Decision Day Celebrations at one of the many events tonight! Click for more details on the event closest to you, and tell us you’re coming.

Anita Bryant not only has pie in her face, she has egg all over it!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Nevertheless, Most of its chapters (1-7, 11-27) consist of God's speeches to Moses which he is commanded to repeat to the Israelites.


Most humans stop having sex sometime between their 70th and 80th the time the Bible was written, life expectancy was half that.

Now, if Leviticus deals “within the story of the Israelites' Exodus after they escaped Egypt and reached Mt. Sinai (Exodus 19:1). The book of Exodus narrates how Moses led the Israelites in building the Tabernacle (Exodus 35-40) based on God's instructions (Exodus 25-31). Then in Leviticus, God tells the Israelites and their priests how to make offerings in the Tabernacle and how to conduct themselves while camped around the holy tent sanctuary. Leviticus takes place during the month or month-and-a-half between the completion of the Tabernacle (Exodus 40:17) and the Israelites' departure from Sinai (Numbers 1:1, 10:11).” (


King James Bible tells us that Moses was 120 years old when he died.
“And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated.” (

Are you kidding me? Even if he could see clearly, as I well know is possible when my mom at age 97 passed away and did not wear glasses, but she was already acting erratically due to senility, the man had to be a shriveled up old prune, certainly senile dementia had taken its toll by then and the egotistical megalomaniac that he was for sure would not have allowed him to have any kind of useful wisdom.

Are we supposed to observe all the “commandments” this decrepit old man tells us we should? Am I to follow every one of these strictly and literally? Are human beings going to deny their sexuality because one self-anointed prophet deemed it so thousands of years ago? Are we to buy the idea that the Scriptures tell us who to love and how to make love?

I say to you, certainly not, you should interpret whatever you want from these passages of the Scriptures, I personally find it outlandish that any one human can live past 100 and still be functional. But what I will not tolerate is for you to make them into laws and criminalize any deviation from those passages.

My body, as well as that of a woman's is ours, we own it and neither the government nor religion, nor your boss have any fucking business over our sovereignty when it comes to our bodies or our love, our minds or even dietary laws. If I want to eat shellfish, or wear cotton with silk, if I lay with another man, that is my fucking decision.

The Bible's Oldest Men

By Gary DeVaney
Old Age In The Ages Of Old

Would you follow the advice of this 123 year old man today?

Genesis 5:5 Adam died at 930 years of age. *Torah table.

Genesis 5:8 Seth died at 912 years of age.

Genesis 5:11 Enosh died at 905 years of age.

Genesis 5:14 Kenan died at 910 years of age.

Genesis 5:17 Mahalalel died at 895 years of age.

Genesis 5:20 Yered died at 962 years of age.

Genesis 5:23 Enoch died at 365 years of age.

Genesis 5:27 Methuselah died at 969 years of age. (Oldest)

Genesis 5:31 Lamech died at 777 years of age.

Trivia: Noah died at 950 years of age.

Shem died at 600 years of age.

Terach died at 205 years of age.

Abraham died at 175 years of age.

Isaac died at 180 years of age.

Jacob died at 147 years of age.

Moses died at 120 years of age.
Do you really believe that Enoch and Elijah went to Heaven without dying? Can you say: “EXTRATERRESTRIAL ABDUCTIONS?” Or could it be that those visitors from outer space, since they had already solved the intricacies and problems of inter-galaxic travel, also had in their possession “The elixir of youth” or some kind of fucking “Manna”?



I'm inclined to believe that one thousand years from now, with the advancement of science and the conquest of all diseases, man might double his life expectancy to 150. But before that happens, we as members of the human race have to do several things: One, end our dependency on fossil fuels, Two, exercise voluntary population control to the point that it would be deemed immoral to have more children than you can support; and Three: religion has to disappear due to the fact that it has been and still is the largest obstacle between conquering ignorance and superstition and not rejecting science.

This is what theocracy looks like

Monday, July 14, 2014


 For everything you can find objectionable on one level you can find in favor in another passage.

I am no expert on the Scriptures or have expertise in Biblical interpretation. But what I do have is that after 69 years living in this little blue marble called earth, I can make educated and logical conclusions that are based on common sense and accurate, fact-based valid opinions. The Scriptures are, in my opinion, very fluid, extremely flexible. The ambiguities built into it can be used to validate one or another opposing ideology or point of view, there's plenty of room for speculation and most of all, it serves as the validation tool of whatever group is in power at the time. How is this possible, you might ask, if the Bible is the word of God? Let's get one thing clear right here and now, the Scriptures are not the word of God; they were written thousands of years ago by delusional, decrepit old men who thought they were prophets, they may have been controlling and power hungry, but had they been living today, we would have thought of them as religious crackpots, fanatical extremists out to profit from man's fears and insecurities.
Just as you find in the Scriptures “an eye for an eye” you can also find “turn the other cheek” and the possibilities are endless. I think that is why we have so many denominations, so many different Scripture translations, so much division among the religious folks...and they are all vying for a piece of the pie...because whether you like it or not, religion is a business, a very profitable and powerful business.
It is possible to find in the Scriptures any and all justifications for any particular atrocity...but these are to be embraced because “it's in the Bible” and it is supposed to be “God's will”.
Here is a quote by D Rizdek
By John W. Loftus:"Whether Christianity was particular in its mistreatment of women, it never overcame the culture and showed where the culture was this or any other regard. The same goes for all religions. Their gods never seemed to be able to break out of the culture. If slavery was the "thing," the gods and holy men told 'em how to do slaves. If dominating women was the thing, god and the holy men told 'em how to do women. If the culture hated homosexuality, then their god hated it too. If they were ignorant about science, their God didn't know science either. If the culture superstitiously thought blood had some special magical powers, then god used blood to mark doorways and wash away sins. If the culture thought diseases and mental illness was due to sin's curse or demons, then their god acted like that was true too. Why do their gods never tell them anything they don't already know?"
Dr. Daphne Hampson Says Christianity is a Harmful Myth Which Could Not Possibly Be True Also by John W. Loftus "Dr. Hampson knows what she's talking about. At the least one cannot say she is ignorant given her credentials. She abandoned the "harmful myth" of Christianity in 1981. In her book After Christianity (1997), she argued that "Christianity cannot be true, for it requires a particular revelation which we can no longer think possible. Moreover its situatedness in past history makes Christianity necessarily sexist." In a 1997 interview we read that, "She came to see that the notions of incarnation - God made flesh in the person of Christ - and resurrection - Christ rising from the dead after the crucifixion - could not possibly be true. How could we believe, she asks, this side of the Enlightenment, that God could create such a unique break in the natural order of things as the resurrection?" Furthermore, she tells us, "I began to see that the very raison d'etre of the Christian myth was to support men as superior over women, that it served to legitimise how men see themselves in the world." LINK. I just discovered her today. There are probably many others I have not heard about yet. Higher education, the right kind of education, can and does lead to the rejection of Christianity."
If you are appalled about the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision, there is something you should know:
STEVE GREEN: “We're working on 4 year public school bible curriculum."
The long term goal of Steve Green, President of Hobby Lobby, is to have a 4 year bible curriculum, that they write, first be an elective then to be mandated in all public schools once people are not looking.
At the Scopes trial Clarence Darrow said it best below: “If today you can take a thing like evolution and make it a crime to teach it in the public school, tomorrow you can make it a crime to teach it in the private schools, and the next year you can make it a crime to teach it to the hustings or in the church. At the next session you may ban books and the newspapers. Soon you may set Catholic against Protestant and Protestant against Protestant, and try to foist your own religion upon the minds of men. If you can do one you can do the other. Ignorance and fanaticism is ever busy and needs feeding. Always it is feeding and gloating for more. Today it is the public school teachers, tomorrow the private. The next day the preachers and the lectures, the magazines, the books, the newspapers. After a while, your honor, it is the setting of man against man and creed against creed until with flying banners and beating drums we are marching backward to the glorious ages of the sixteenth century when bigots lighted fagots to burn the men who dared to bring any intelligence and enlightenment and culture to the human mind.” Presidential candidate BARRY GOLDWATER: “When you say 'radical right' today, I think of these moneymaking ventures by fellows like Pat Robertson and others who are trying to take the Republican Party away from the Republican Party, and make a religious organization out of it. If that ever happens, kiss politics goodbye." ~Barry Goldwater interview with the Washington Post 1994
If you don't see that this take over has already happened, then you are either blind or you are part of the radical religious movement. Do we kiss politics goodbye? From the looks of it, since most GOP politicians and even some Democrats are already in the pockets of special interests as well as the Christianists, the country has become divided and our government dysfunctional.

If you value the concept that our Founding Fathers bequeathed us to keep government secular, having a clear and absolute separation of Church and state, if you are a member of any other religion that is not Evangelical, Dominionist-Christianist, then you should be vigilant and fight this kind of crack-pot take over. If you are like myself, a secularist who values meritocracy and freedom of thought, you think of the benefits of education, intellectual pursuit and an educated population, and not surrender to intellectual mediocrity...then you should be doubly reluctant to accept a take over by the religious right.

Just keep in mind what a theocracy does to a society. We have plenty of examples of it in the world today. Just look at Iran, most of the Arab countries, you can readily see how the population is easily governed and even misled. Those in power even persuade the general public to kill each other as they are doing presently in Iraq.

Do you really want a theocracy for America? Be careful what you wish for, because if your particular flavor religion is not the one in power, then you're shit out of luck.