Monday, August 31, 2009

My latest incident with Mormons

Yesterday I had some very handsome young men knock at my door. They were dressed alike with the white shirt and tie and I could see through the glass in the front door that they wore name tags: “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”. Oh, goodie, the fucking Mormons are here!
I opened the door and they greeted me: “Good morning, we come to bring you good news” I interrupted them: “What? You are going to tell me the Inquisition is over?” They didn’t know what to say. “Uh, uh, no, that was not us, that was...” I interrupted them again: “They were the Catholics, I know, but they were as fanatical then as you are now” I continued: “I am very familiar with your sect, your cult. It is based on some fabricated scriptures” They replied: “uh, uh, oh, no it is” I interrupted once more: “you are here because you are seeking validation for some outlandish claim that there were some people living in the Americas before Columbus who were as sophisticated as the ones in the Middle East at the time of Christ; that is a bunch of crap and you know it, deep in your hearts, that is why you are here, to reinforce your blind faith and to gain converts and power” They started to turn around but now I got ahead of them and I sort of stopped them on the walkway so they could listen to some more of my ranting: “At some point, your church had polygamy, racism and a whole bunch of other nonsense some of which you still defend. Now you are on a homophobic kick. Let me tell you, I am not going to go back in the closet any time soon, not for you, not to give your fucking religion some validation. I will be dipped if I allow you to take my civil rights away just because you think I am a sinner, an abomination, so go on your way to proselytize your ignorance and superstition somewhere else…my house is not fertile grounds for your stupidity” They answered: “Have a nice day” Translation: “Fuck you too”.


Finally some justice against homophobia in Texas
Texas liquor board fires 2 agents, 1 supervisor over raid at gay bar that injured customer
ANGELA K. BROWN Associated Press Writer
“I wrote an earlier blog questioning what if anything had come of the horrible incident where Texas Law Authorities came and raided a gay bar in Fort Worth pretty much the same way it was done in the fifties and sixties throughout the country. I was convinced that those days were over but I was wrong, and as it has to be in character with homophobic Texas it had to happen there.
FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — Texas' liquor board fired two agents and a supervisor, disciplined two other supervisors and changed several policies in the wake of a raid at a gay bar that left a customer seriously injured and led to protests, officials announced Friday.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission said agent Christopher Aller and agent trainee Jason Chapman, who participated in the June 28 raid at the Rainbow Lounge, were fired Friday. Their supervisor, Sgt. Terry Parsons, was not at the Fort Worth bar that night but also was fired, effective Sept. 2.

Aller and Chapman failed to report that they used force when arresting the customer or that he was seriously injured, according to a report on the agency's investigation released earlier this month. They also were accused of participating in the raid without their supervisor's approval, disrupting the business during the raid and wearing improper attire, the report states.

Parsons failed to ensure that the agents submitted a report on using force during the arrest, did not take appropriate action after learning they didn't wear proper attire and did not notify supervisors that multiple arrests had been made that night, the report states.

The commission said Parsons' direct supervisor, Lt. Gene Anderson, would be suspended without pay for three days and be on probation for six months, and Capt. Robert "Charlie" Cloud, who oversees the Dallas and Fort Worth TABC offices, has received a written reprimand. Both inadequately monitored new agents' training and inadequately supervised Fort Worth employees and their activities, the agency said.

In announcing the disciplinary actions, the agency's chief of field operations, Joel Moreno, said he was confident that Anderson and Cloud could make the necessary improvements.

"The first step is by working more closely with their employees, mentoring them and serving as positive role models by exemplifying the agency's four cornerstones: service, courtesy, integrity, and accountability," Moreno said in a statement. "It is essential that every employee understands our core value: We do the right thing, not what we have the right to do."
Of course not one thing was said that indicated remorse or that it is morally wrong to discriminate and go after a particular group of people just because their sexual orientation is different.
I would like to tell Texans this: We are here, we are queer, you have to learn to live with it. If you are so hell bent on leaving the Union, then you should do so and establish a third world country like Iran. We will send you all our refugees from Utah and Alabama and other more homophobic pockets of hatred in the United States.
Don’t worry about us, we will be fine, we will not even have to change our flag because we will have Puerto Rico become our missing 50th star; much to your chagrin because they are Hispanics and you hate them…you are allergic to accents and eñes.


TABC and FW PD raided the gay bar, ostensibly for having drunk patrons, but did NOT bring breathalyzers; refused to perform them when patrons asked. So what was the purpose of arresting people for being drunk if the cases were going to be thrown out of court? Was ANYONE read their Miranda rights? Was ANYONE administered a breath test at any point during their custody?
TABC/FWPD told a patron upon entry that their probable cause was a tip from a disgruntled former employee. Even though the bar had been open all of ONE WEEK. An investigation should be made into the process by which this bar was targeted. Did some neighbors with buddies at TABC not want the ‘queer bar’ to reopen? Hmmm.
Arrests were arbitrary. A female patron, even though she told the police that she was drunk was not arrested. Gay men were apparently the only ones arrested.
The police made the extremely offensive assertion that the Gay men in the bar were grabbing their crotches. Assertion not validated by any of the patrons or the security cameras in the bar.
The police now claim that Mr. Gibson was the person who did the crotch grabbing. Are they going to claim ‘Gay Panic’ as an excuse? Mr. Gibson was apparently not arrested for assaulting police officers because he was ’so drunk that he was throwing up all over the place’ per the police chief. So if I throw up, I can go assault police officers and not be charged? Wow, didn’t know that one. That cracked skull and internal bleeding in his brain had nothing to do with the vomiting apparently.
Per the incredible police chief, Mr. Gibson apparently fell and hit his head, thus supposedly causing the potentially life threatening head injury. And video or pictures of him slipping and falling? Other than with 6 grown brutal cops throwing him to the ground and beating him up?
Leaving Mr. Gibson aside for a brief moment, let’s move on to Mr. Anderson, who claims that he was arrested for being drunk and denied a sobriety test and not read his Miranda rights.
Now the Police Chief wants us to Shut the fuck up and wait for him to whitewash this with his Internal Affairs Department. How many openly Gay men on this commission? Seeing as the head of the ‘thin blue line’ in FW has already opined that the victim was a ‘crotch grabber’ who ’slipped and fell’ and that his officers used ‘restraint’, you’ll have to do a bit better than that.
Oh, I am sure that the Law Authorities in Texas have learned their lesson…but they are pissed and in typical fashion the reprisal what they are going to do next is arrest patrons coming out of gay bars as they will park their patrol cars in the streets surrounding the gay establishments and wait for the unsuspecting gays to emerge so then they can harass, beat up and arrest them. This is what they used to do in Los Angeles in the sixties and seventies.
I really feel sorry for gays living in Texas. It is not a safe place for them, not because of crime, but because it is the Law Authorities that are homophobic. Texas will probably be the last state in the Union to institute equality and gay rights. That may be fifty years from now. Does the word Cessation mean anything to you? I wish they would.

I get these e-mails from that ultra-right conservative group and this one says it all:
• How to Survive our Deadly Healthcare System
• Terror Chatter High: Make Sure Your Family Has Emergency Radio
• Special: Al Gore's Global Warming Claims Exposed!
• Special: Glenn Beck: We Are Losing Our Freedoms
• Your Tiny Thyroid Linked to Miserable Diseases
• Will Jesus Ever Return? Some Wonder . . .
• 5 Cancers Hate This Super Vitamin
At the bottom it says: This e-mail was sent by:
4152 West Blue Heron Blvd., St. 1114
Riviera Beach, FL, 33404 USA

Riviera Beach? Isn’t that next door to Rush Bouncy-Bouncy Limbaugh?
In any case, one by one, they are pandering to the fanatics, to the insecure and the maladjusted members of our society.
How to survive our Deadly Healthcare System? If it is deadly it is because there are a bunch of us who don’t have it and if they have it their way we will never get it.
Terror Chatter High: Make sure, etc. Isn’t that like the Bush alerts? Going up as the elections got near?
Al Gore’s Global warming…still they are clinging to the illusion that Global Warming is just a fabricated ruse.
Glen Beck? Give me a fucking brake…the man is a buffoon...he had most of the advertisers pull out, not because they disagree…but because he is fucking nuts.
Thyroid…again, speak of pestilence and disease and get people to pay attention by pandering to their fears.
Will Jesus ever return? I know he won’t; but if he did, he would strike them dead and render them immediate sterilization by primitive means.
Cancer? What other bad news do you have for us, assholes? They sound like Rushie Bouncy-Bouncy to me.
Can you imagine if they had their way what our country would be like? First there would be no Social Security or Medicare. There could not be public education as these have to be handled by their religions. Definitely no labor unions, no OSHA, no FDA, no regulatory agencies like the FDIC or the FCC; and if they survive, they would be used for purposes of indoctrination or compliance with the new order of conservatism.
The country would abandon the United Nations; we would be torturing everyone we capture and invading any and every country that disagrees with us. The wars would be endless…Iran, Pakistan, Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Libya, Syria, Palestine and Korea just to name a few.
Then you would have 90 million Americans without health insurance as attrition and unemployment throw people out of work. The many companies that now provide some health care insurance will drop them.
Gasoline will surely be costly, they predicted it themselves: $5.00 per gallon or more. And of course with the high price of fuel we would have an increase in prices in everything else. Drilling for oil off our beaches, cutting down forests to supply the demand in other countries because our demand would be negligible would have to be acceptable to everyone.
Since Global Warming is not real, we would see an increase in pollution and the air quality degenerate like they have in Los Angeles periodically. Acid rain would fall, forests would be cut or dying from choking on the fumes and so will we.
The culture wars would be nightmares for us minorities. The Latinos…we better learn to clean floors and cut grass fast and 12 millions of our friends and relatives will be deported. The blacks? What about the blacks? They will have to get used to the N word again and become second class citizens and take it without complaining.
Women? To them I say this: If you like to see your sisters covered from head to toe with a Burqa, prepare yourselves for something similar. You will be submissive and quiet, obedient and cooperative. Your man can beat you and fuck you any time he feels like it, it is in the Bible, you know.
Gays? Well they will just have to go through some program to “cure” them of their disease. That is if the religious fanatics don’t first hang them like they do in Iran or put them in front of firing squads like they do in Iraq. Everyone back in the closet! After all, we have to “protect our children and the sanctity of marriage”
Housing, roads and municipalities would all suffer as taxes are not collected because millions and millions of people would be out of work and cannot even pay their mortgages, not to speak of property taxes…California is just a small sample right now of what could happen when tax revenues decrease.
We might as well move to Canada or Mexico because life in the United States would be unbearable. One bright side though…Texas would not have to secede from the Union and Sarah Palin would make a good President; she can tell everyone unemployed how to shoot a moose and make stew or even advise Americans that they should not watch any news at all because the media is all left-wing, terrorist socialists who are unpatriotic, idiotic elitists from the East Coast or the big cities.
A last word of advise: if any of this takes place, and I don’t think it will, I trust the American people at some point will stop believing this crap the Republicans are peddling…That Americans don’t try to get together to protest or dissent. You see, they are already in training and by that time will have plenty of experience with their Town Hall disruptive tactics that they could with very short notice place a couple of hundred people in front of the house of an organizer and yell obscenities like they do in Cuba with their “Repudiation Brigades”.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My new leather sofa has arrived

This Chipendale beauty was made for us in North Carolina and we have been waiting for a few months now. It was well worth the wait. It is absolutely exquisite.

The folks at McKinley Leather outdid themselves on this one. They are located in Western North Carolina at the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the town of Hickory. ‘This is a place where a special breed of artisans and entrepreneurs have been building and selling fine quality handcrafted furniture for nearly two centuries” they advertise and I agree.

The piece is sturdy and well crafted. The leather is flawless and although the price was hefty, you get what you pay for.

I am very satisfied with this acquisition.

As I was searching the Webb, I found this very telling survey. It is the NEWSMAX.COM. ultra-right conservative outfit that is conducting smear campaigns and misleading a lot of people. These Republicans continue with their theme that “President Obama is a Socialist” and those who believe this crap as you can see were the ones who did not vote for him.

Is President Obama a Socialist? (224,122 Respondents)

What is your opinion of Barack Obama?

· Favorable

36,576 (16.40%)

· Unfavorable

186,489 (83.60%)

Do you believe Barack Obama is a socialist?

· Yes, he's a socialist.

189,335 (84.95%)

· No, he's not a socialist.

33,553 (15.05%)

Do you believe Republicans are right in describing President Obama as a socialist?

· Agree

187,469 (84.37%)

· Disagree

34,739 (15.63%)

Do you support President Obama's economic policies?

· Yes

34,140 (15.39%)

· No

187,713 (84.61%)

Do you agree with President Obama's plans to radically change our health care system?

· Yes

40,161 (18.15%)

· No

181,134 (81.85%)

Do you believe Obama's economic policies are helping or hurting the economy?

· Helping

31,888 (14.29%)

· Hurting

177,291 (79.47%)

· Neither keeping things the same

13,920 (6.24%)

Who did you vote for in 2008?

· McCain

147,616 (67.16%)

· Obama

37,945 (17.26%)

· Other

34,251 (15.58%)

In the first place. Out of 224,122 respondents, 147,616 (67.16%) did not vote for Obama. Need I say more?


This is exactly what I mean when I say that the fucking assholes are not even waiting to bury the Senator and they are disseminating this kind of vitriolic, hateful propaganda:

An Urgent Message From the League of American Voters

Ted Kennedy's Death Breathes New Life into Obama Care
What We Must Do . . .

Dear Fellow American:

This week, Ted Kennedy, the great liberal icon, has passed away.

But his dream of a socialistic health care system for all Americans is dangerously close to becoming a reality.

Though recent polls suggested Obama's radical plans of a "public option" and adding 50 million new patients to the government system were in serious trouble, Ted Kennedy's passing may have breathed new life into them.

As CNN reported this week: "Ironically, his death might bring about a change of tactics that would help reach the goal he was unable to achieve in life, one veteran political analyst says.

"'Kennedy's departure may in fact increase the chances that we get a more sweeping health care bill,' American Enterprise Institute analyst Norman Ornstein recently told CNN."


Remember the Democrats still have big majorities in the House and the Senate.

We also remember from the Stimulus Bill that several Republicans betrayed their party to vote for the Democratic plan.

The message I have for you today is simple: we must stop Obama Care and we CANNOT let our guard down.

Just over two weeks ago the League of American Voters launched its national campaign to stop Obama Care.

In short order, our powerful ad featuring a respected medical doctor exposing the dangers of Obama Care have supporters of the Obama plan reeling.

People are waking up. You can see the ad and help us by Going Here Now

But we also are well aware that Ted Kennedy's death has evoked tremendous sympathy for his dream of a socialist health care take over.

The irony of Kennedy's death is that under Obama Care Kennedy would likely never have gotten the top-notch, expensive medical care he was afforded.

No doubt, one of the Obama oversight committees would have nixed the use of government resources for a person of Kennedy's age with a terminal disease like brain cancer.

We cannot allow for government to dictate to the type and quality of health care for us and our loved ones.

We cannot allow government to run the health care system like they do the Post Office!

We must continue this battle.

As I write this, the League has to firm up its TV ad buys for the next two weeks. We have already raised over $1.3 million. But we need to raise $5 million to kill off Obama Care.

We need your urgent help to make this happen — Go Here Now

Dick Morris says the League of American Voters is the "the number one group today fighting Obama Care, they deserve your support."

Dick is the League's chief strategist — and actually crafted our ads and national campaign.

We are having a tremendous effect.

Help us continue — Go Here Now.

Thank you for all of your help.


Bob Adams
Executive Director

P.S. The New York Times reported that liberal groups backing Obama Care are outspending groups like ours 3 to 1. Yet we are still winning the war of public opinion. This means when the public finds out the truth, they are siding with us. We just need to keep doing our work and getting our ads out. Please help us make a difference — we can't afford to lose this because of Ted Kennedy — Go Here Now.

League of American Voters | 722 12th Street N.W. | Fourth Floor | Washington, D.C. 20005