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Homosexuality 'not in your DNA,' says LDS leader


Evergreen » Conference held for Mormons with same-sex attraction

By Rosemary Winters

The Salt Lake Tribune

Updated: 09/19/2009 06:06:35 PM MDT

Bruce C. Hafen

People who are attracted to members of their own sex can change, an LDS general authority said Saturday, so they shouldn't let Satan persuade them they can't.

Elder Bruce C. Hafen, a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, spoke at the 19th annual conference of Evergreen International, a nonprofit group that helps Mormons "overcome homosexual behavior" and "diminish same-sex attraction." The event was held at the LDS Church's Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City.

Hafen promised attendees, "If you are faithful, on resurrection morning -- and maybe even before then -- you will rise with normal attractions for the opposite sex."

Whenever the devil -- whom Hafen referred to as "the adversary" -- tries to "convince you that you are hopelessly 'that way,' so that acting out your feelings is inevitable, he is lying," Hafen said. "He is the father of lies."

Last month, the American Psychological Association passed a resolution advising mental health professionals against telling their clients they can change their sexual orientation through therapy or other treatments.

No solid evidence exists that such efforts work, the APA concluded, and some studies suggest the potential for harm, including depression and suicidal tendencies. A task force reviewed 83 studies on sexual-orientation change conducted since 1960.

The "long-standing consensus" of the behavioral and social sciences, the APA noted, is that homosexuality is a "normal and positive variation of human sexual orientation."

Will Carlson of Equality Utah, which advocates on behalf of gay and transgender Utahns, when contacted by The Tribune, said, "These young men and women at Evergreen are experiencing normal attractions right now ... It's irresponsible for [Hafen] to suggest that if someone just wants to bad enough, they can be straight."

Hafen spent a large portion of his talk, held during a Sunday-like service, criticizing the gay-rights movement and denying a biological link to sexual orientation. Same-sex attraction is "not in your DNA," he said.

He attacked the APA's decision to remove homosexuality from its list of mental disorders, deeming it politically motivated.

"In the early 1970s, the public and most lawyers, doctors and therapists saw homosexuality not as normal adult behavior but as a psychological disorder," he said. "We have witnessed primarily an aggressive political movement more than we've witnessed substantive change in the medical or legal evidence."

Lisa Diamond, a psychology professor and researcher at the University of Utah, in an interview with The Tribune , called Hafen's assertion "hilarious" and "absolutely untrue."

Homosexuality had been listed as a disorder, Diamond said, without any real scientific data. The APA reversed course after a pioneering psychologist, Evelyn Hooker, produced research to show there was no difference between the mental health of straight and gay individuals, she said.

"That moment really did represent, in fact, the triumph of science over prejudice," Diamond said.

There is "strong evidence" that there are "biological contributions" to sexual orientation, Diamond noted, but it's a complex process. She called arguments about the lack of a so-called "gay gene," a "smoke screen" for those who promote sexual-orientation change.

Isn’t it ironic that the very fundamentalists who reject science (DNA) paleontology, geology and genetics to justify the theory of Creationism are now embracing some erroneous conclusion that being gay is not in the genes. For all we know, it may be the fucking water we drink, but we do know that we are born with it.

Who in the hell would consciously choose to live a life of humiliation and rejection, mostly on the part of homophobic religious organizations like LDS, which unfortunately spills on to the rest of society, affecting the way people think and act. This is why discrimination against LGBT exists and we are not going to be rid of it until fucking Evangelicals, Fundamentalists and religious wackos change their tune.

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The reader who objects to my using profanity keeps coming back to admonish me. It turns out that what he objects the most is for me to call them “FUCKING EVANGELICALS” He said that: “You are being insulting to my faith and it is like blasphemy, you are taking the name of the Lord in vain”:

My answer is: WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! If you think that I am going to refrain from using these words just so you can have validation for your stupid beliefs, you are sadly mistaken. You can continue to waddle in the mud puddle of ignorance and superstition you call your religion or your faith and frankly, I don’t give a shit what you do in those little temples that are monuments to human stupidity, just don’t try to drag me down with you. AGAIN: FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING EVANGELICALS, LEAVE YOUR RELIGIONS AND GET A LIFE.

By Ben Frumin | September 27, 2009

Bill Clinton: Obama faces vast right-wing conspiracy

On Meet the Press this morning, David Gregory asked former President Bill Clinton if he thinks there's a vast right-wing conspiracy against President Obama -- much like the one Hillary Clinton famously claimed her husband faced in the 1990s.

"Oh, you bet," the former President said. "Sure it is."

While it may not be as strong or widespread as the one he faced, Clinton said the right-wing conspiracy against President Obama is "as virulent" as the one Clinton faced himself. The former President didn't seem too worried about it though.

"He and his team have a positive agenda for America," Clinton said of Obama, before turning to his opponents. "Their agenda seems to be wanting him to fail."

"Whatever happens, it'll be manageable for the President," Clinton said.

Obama does face a number of challenges on health care reform, Clinton said, saying the President is at "a terrible disadvantage in the lawmaking phase" because he's asked Congress to develop a health reform bill. That means, Clinton said, that the President "is vulnerable to whatever anybody wants to say about any of the bills," even if Obama isn't 100 percent behind them.

Still, Clinton said, "I think we're gonna get a health care bill."

More pictures of the crazies, demonstrating with dumb signs


They must be dispensing wacko pills at the free GOP clinics.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any nuttier, the GOP gets crazier. Now even Kay Bailey Hutchinson is pandering to that whacko base. The once middle of the road conservative thinks that she has to appeal to the extreme insane fringe of the Republican Party. How wrong she is, I is precisely that sort of thing that is going to mean her defeat if she can wiggle the nomination from wing-nut, douche bag secessionist Perry.

Rush Lindbaugh’s and Glenn Beck's Party

What has the GOP been reduced to? We see that they have no clear leader, not one single spokesperson that reflects the opinion and ideology of the majority of those who call themselves Conservative and Republicans. What they have instead is a message that is being delivered by idiots, lacking substance or facts, intent on creating doubt and fomenting hatred yet, signifying nothing.

It is evident that when you're out of power, brewing controversy is a lot easier than the actual writing of policy or legislating meaningful laws. However, the GOP today is that more and more it is being defined by its ugliest impulses, the lowest human impulses, its most gullible conspiracy theorists, and its acceptance of a mass hysteria with accompanying crazyness. Oh, yes, they are having quite a bit of success putting out there a lot of manufactured controversies, but each one makes them look less and less like the kind of people you'd trust to run the country. This, in my opinion is going to eventually bite them back in the ass. I have a vision of the upcoming midterm elections. I am hopeful and almost confident that the mainstream American will not forget the Teaparties and the nuts that went out to interrupt and sabotage the Town Hall meetings. It was America at its worst and we are not going to let the GOP forget that they gave them validation and even fueled their fires.

Not surprising that the two assholes that have emerged from all this are Bouncy-Bouncy Rush and the biggest loser to ever make his fifteen minutes of fame last as long as he has: he’s the conservative moment's new leader: Glenn Beck; he spends his hours on the air drawing conspiracies on white boards and literally telling his viewers that he's terrified, and they should be too. Beck has even run off on an absurd tangent that there is a hidden communist and fascist symbolism he discovered in the sculptures and building facades around Rockefeller Center; makes any sane, middle of the road human being convinced that this guy’s elevator just does not reach the penthouse.

Beck’s latest tyrade against President Obama is all about having CZARS. Not even mentioning that Beck’s darling friend, ex-Pres. Bush had far more CZARS than Obama. This has become Beck's latest anti-Obama crusade, that these czars, with their unchecked, unaccountable, nearly unlimited power, represent a threat to the life and liberty of every American. Though no actual Cossacks have been seen.

Republican members of Congress have been holding press conferences and posing in front of pictures of the alleged czars. House Republicans even proposed legislation, the Czar Accountability and Reform Act of 2009, with 100 co-sponsors. They argue that the czars are unaccountable because they haven't been confirmed by the Senate. Except many of those on the various lists were, in fact, confirmed. The fucking Republicans don’t know where to go next to deprive President Obama his dignity. They have run the gammit of silly accusations, like he is a Muslim, he is not American born, he is a Socialist, he is this and that, now he has too many Czars. They are just throwing all the shit against the wall hoping that some of it will stick and in the past some of it has, but I think that they have oversaturated the public with crazy ideas, conspiracy theories, false accusations and absurd allegations and people, except those in the Tea Party movement, are on to the Republicans. They will pay the price in 2010.

The GOP has abandoned all attempts to display reasonable, common sense, and even sanity by embracing these nuts. Even Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas wrote an amazingly stupid article for The Washington Post, alledging that the unchecked power the czar epidemic represents. "A few of them have formal titles," Hutchison wrote darkly, "but most are simply known as 'czars.'" When in reality, every single one of them has a formal title. And the only person who is really "known" widely as a czar would be the drug czar, or head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, and that is one agency that was created under George H.W. Bush.

Not known for a very distinguished Senate performance, she has not appeared to be as much of an ignoramus as her article would suggest. But she is running for governor of Texas against incumbent Republican Rick Perry, and he is pandering to his party's nuttiest far out fringe base. Running in a GOP primary against a man who has actually inferred that Texas should consider seceding from the United States if Washington continues to pass laws and regulate things, Ms. Hutchison knows she has to start climbing her way up the crazy tree, and right quick and get to the nuts. (Guess what? A poll taken after Perry's remarks showed Texas Republicans evenly split, 48-48, on whether the state should remain part of the United States or not. Do I hear traitor?.)

The Republicans never objected when then President Bush started to place people in positions of power clearly in defiance of the “check and balances” concept. They didn't criticize the Bush administration's "unitary executive" theory, which said, among other things, that criminal laws don't apply to the president as long as what he's doing has anything to do with national security. They didn't object when the Bush administration claimed that the president had the power to wiretap citizens without warrants, or arrest and lock up Americans for life, without charge or trial. They didn't disagree when over 1,200 times, Bush used "signing statements" to assert that he would ignore laws or parts of laws he found displeasing; all of that was no problem -- not to mention the fact that Bush had staffers whom people sometimes called "czars." But the presence of an Obama adviser not subject to Senate confirmation? Tyranny they are shouting! They are nothing but fucking hypocrites.

But what the GOP faces now is that portions of its base, spurred on by the likes of Beck, have gone completely, utterly mad. And prominent Republicans, many of them otherwise fairly reasonable people, have decided to check into the asylum with them.

Why is all of this happening? I think that it comes through loud and clear that the Republicans are trying to draw the news media's attention away from policy and toward craziness because they don’t have either an alternative nor the facts or the truth on their side. All they have is substantial amounts of campaign contribution from the Insurance and Pharmaceutical companies.



Mr. Obama, tear the wall down!

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Gospel singer reveals he is gay and Public Option opposed by five assholes

Gospel singer just committed a career suicide.

It is like Hari-Kiri, the fucking Evangelicals will never accept him at any of their churches. He will never sing a single note to these homophobic bastards ever again.

This month, clips of a taped television interview that gospel music sensation Tonex conducted for 'The Lexi Show' (on the Gospel network) surfaced on the Internet and caused a heated frenzy within the black religious community. In the revealing conversation, the internationally renowned music superstar (nee Anthony Williams III) talked candidly about his homosexuality, his failed marriage and his thoughts on the black church. As expected, when someone touches upon such a taboo subject, it has ripple effects like a big rock thrown on the surface of a very still lake. But as the multiple Stellar Award-winning virtuoso tells it, in his very own words, it was a lot more than he ever bargained for.

Why are these fucking Evangelicals so obsessed with people’s private sex lives? What is it that makes them think that sticking a cock into a dirty vagina gives them access to the Kingdom of Heaven? These are some sick mother fuckers who just want to control every aspect of people’s life and to bring validation to a rather warped view of Christianity and an erroneous interpretation of the Scriptures.


Cumulative IQ for the two characters in the photo: 63


Recently former President Jimmy Carter expressed concerns that the anti-Obama sentiment that has caused so much controversy was almost all racially motivated. Perhaps some of it is true, considering the source: Jimmy Carter has lived in the South most of his life and knows how his fellow southerners feel about blacks.

But I think that there is less racism behind it and more anti-intellectualism. It is obvious that anyone can rise from the ranks of the obscure and ordinary to become President of the United States. But this should not be the most salient quality a candidate for President should possess. As we have seen with ex-President Bush, the voters seemed to think that his disdain for science, academia and education in general was one compelling reason to vote for him.

The dumb fuck demonstrated throughout his eight years in power that he was one inarticulate, under-educated, slacker, anti-intellectual character. Because of his ineptitude to lead, his lack of understanding of the implications of many issues, his gargantuan ego and downright arrogance, we all ended up paying the price in our country; some of us, more heavily than others. Some even paid with their own lives, the ultimate sacrifice a person should make for the place they call home. The unnecessary and immoral war in Iraq forced them to do this while shameless corporations and super rich individuals profited from their deaths. SHAMEFUL, SHAMEFUL!

The reality seems to be, I think, that Obama is one intelligent dude. His intellectual prowess far exceeds the requirements of the job he is entrusted to perform. We have seen it already in his many successes. His foreign policy turnabout is enough to make one think of the tremendous change he has already implemented in this area.

Then we have the economy; I thought that it would be impossible for any one individual to come to the White House and get us out of the fucking mess Bush and the Republicans left behind. But somehow, miraculously and systematically we seem to be coming out of the mess.

When you see people at those town hall meetings protesting, carrying signs that are even misspelled, you have to think that President Obama presents a challenge to their intellect, not so much to their race, although I still have a picture in my mind of that stupid dumb fuck cunt who was sobbing and crying saying: “They are taking away my America”. This is everyone’s America: White, black, yellow, red, rich, poor, straight or gay, it belongs to every one of us, not to just a few privileged individuals.




Max Baucus, Kent Conrad, Blanche Lincoln, Bill Nelson, and Tom Carper.

That's who's standing in the way of passing a public option amendment through the Senate Finance Committee. The vote on these amendments will happen Tuesday.

They're standing in the way of lower health care costs:

In total, a public plan based on Medicare rates would save $110 billion over 10 years. That is $20 billion more than earlier estimates, a spokesman for House Speaker Pelosi said.

They're standing in the way of holding the insurance industry accountable, because simply regulating the insurance industry will never be enough to stop them from screwing over their customers:

...the practice of rescission - taking away your insurance policy when you become sick - is illegal now. And yet, the insurance companies admitted before Congress earlier this year that the practice is common.

These are responsible for the opposition to a Public Option, now let's ask them individually how much money the insurance lobby has paid them to obstruct and go against what the American people want.

Regulations are viewed by business in this country as obstacles to be overcome, not rules to be abided by. In even the best regulations, loopholes will be found, enforcement will be spotty, and fines will be chalked up to the cost of doing business.

So, what are you, the patient, supposed to do?

If you had a choice, a choice which President Obama wants you to have, you'd be able to choose a public health insurance option that's governed by the common good, not Wall Street Profits, and thus abides by the regulations. If insurance companies could lose customers because they don't want to abide by regulations, they'll think twice before looking for loopholes. In this way, a public health insurance option keeps the insurance industry honest and ends insurance company abuses.

And they're standing in the way of something a large majority of the American people want:

By a margin of 52 percent to 27 percent, Americans believe President Obama has better ideas about overhauling health care than Republicans do, according to a national poll conducted by The New York Times and CBS News. And nearly two-thirds of the country supports creation of a government-run insurance plan, or public option.


About this blog and what I think defines a person

When I started doing this blog, I had some decisions to make. It became apparent that I wanted to write erotic stories with some exciting sexual dialogue sprinkled in. I also realized that there is a difference between eroticism and pornography. I chose not to do porn for the simple reason that there are sites that do it so much better than I could and they also have the resources to go and hire some porn stars and shoot some sexual acts that would raise eyebrows and attract followers.

The other issue I struggled with was that of what defines a person and how I convey this important subject through my blog. I think of those who define themselves as “Christians” or those who think of themselves as “homosexual”. These are labels that are applied to people to pigeon-hole them in society in order to either discriminate or to give validation.

I think that if you need to define yourself as a Christian and that is the only important thing in your life, then I suggest you should get a life. The same goes for gays whose only preoccupation in life is being gay, to them I also say: “get a life”.

If you ask me who I am and what I am, I would probably answer: I am a human being, capable of thinking on my own, I am pragmatic and I admire great intelligence and accomplishments in learning. I am artistic and I was also born outside of the United States. My sexual orientation is not important because that is not what defines me, so that it takes a backseat to other things in my life. My sexuality only defines me when I have to deal with those who try to humiliate me or deprive me of my rights because of what I am; then and only then it is an important issue for me. That is why I so energetically write and post blogs on the subject. I think that there is a need to present opposition to those who are trying to take away my rights and the rights of others. To the Evangelicals and prudes: YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE ME, SO GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BEDROOM, STOP TRYING TO LEGISLATE DISCRIMINATION AND HATRED.


Letter from newly appointed Republican Senator George LeMieux

Today I received an e-mail from the asshole that Governor Crist appointed to replace Senator Mel Martinez, it reads as follows:

“George LeMieux - U.S. Senator for Florida E-Newsletter

September 16, 2009

Thank You for Your Support

Last week, I officially took the oath of office for the U.S. Senate. Serving 18 million Floridians in this capacity is the honor of a lifetime and a great responsibility I take very seriously. My wife Meike and I appreciate the hundreds of well wishes we've already received. Thank you for your support and words of encouragement and know that I intend to be the hardest working U.S. senator while I am in office. Be it health care, the national debt, or the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I am here to represent your views and I look forward to hearing from you.

Upholding Free Speech and the 2nd Amendment

Minutes after my swearing-in ceremony, I had the privilege of casting my first vote. The question was whether to confirm Cass R. Sunstein to be the head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. While Mr. Sunstein is a very accomplished individual, I cast my vote against this nominee because his views are not in line with the values of Florida's families. Mr. Sunstein's opposition to an individual's right to bear arms as guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment make him an inappropriate pick to lead an important federal office.

Blocking ACORN Funding

This week, the United States Senate considered striking funding for ACORN, the not-for-profit group making headlines in the news lately, Monday, I voted to block any Federal dollars from going to ACORN because of their questionable activities including at least 30 cases of suspected voter fraud. With our mounting national debt, we can't afford to spend taxpayer money on organizations operating on the edges of the law.

The Debt, the Deficit, and Health Care Reform

In the coming months, Congress will deal with a great number of issues critically important to the future of our nation. One of the largest issues pending before Congress is how to reform our system of health care. I support affordability and access to quality health care. Right now, the costs are too high and too many people are without health insurance; but the solution can't be worse than the problem. As this debate continues, I strongly encourage you to contact me with your thoughts on the health care situation, and let me know what you believe needs to be done.”

Could it be more clear? The son of a bitch is going to follow all the obstructionist tactics and the madness that is the Republican ideology. His first vote was against the confirmation of Sunstein, and he claims that it is because his ideology is diametrically opposed to that of Sunstein’s and not in line with Florida families. What the fuck is he talking about? What families are those? I know it is not mine, all of my family voted for Obama and not for one single Republican. I think that the majority of Floridians voted for change and that is not what they are getting with Mr. LeMiex.

On smoking

Today in the Outlook section of the Sun Sentinel a lady named Teresa Higgins of Davie, Fl. wrote a letter to the Editor and they titled it “SMOKERS SHOULD PAY UP”.

She says that cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States and produces a significant health related economic costs to society. No argument there.

But I have to disagree to some degree with her attitude. You see, there are many preventable risks that people take and will have negative effects on their health and cost society unnecessary expenditures. Such is the case of doughnuts, McDonalds, sodas, alcohol, drugs and a myriad of other things like risky unprotected sex. Are we going to start asking employees to shed out $20.00 per pay period because they eat unhealthy hamburgers and fries? Are we going to penalize them financially because they don’t use condoms?

What is the real outcome of someone dying from a smoking related illness? Catastrophic illnesses do cost money, but to my knowledge, everyone dies of a catastrophic illness whether it is sooner rather than later. A case in point: My mother, who is entering her 94th year on this earth has never smoked, eats very frugally and retired at age 62 and has been collecting Social Security ever since. If my calculations are correct, she has been living off the system on her Social Security check for more than 32 years. Surely that is enough to offset any cost she might have incurred at age 65 had she been a smoker and gone on to die from a catastrophic illness. I suggest to Ms. Higgins that her goodie-goodie two shoes attitude is not sustainable because the smokers will die sooner and costs are diminished when people live shorter lives.



More photos of the dumb shit bags protesting