Thursday, December 31, 2009

I finally got a live one…a real “Birther” Wingnut”

I am so honored, I received this diatribe of stupidity from a real “Birther” “Teabagger” wing nut…It would be worth a laugh or two if it wasn’t so tragic that there are Americans who actually think this way.

runninbear said...

“This is tyical of Nero obama and his left wing smear attack others while Rome burns and blame it all on the christians? McCain was checked out by the supreme court and found that "both parents were "Americans" not one but both kust like the Contitution requires you to be ,unlike BarrackObama/Barry Soetoro whose father was a Kenyan,and his adopted father was an Indonesian.If you so called "journalists" and I use the term loosely can't get your head out of his posterior end then i guess we will just keep exposing your lies and the lies ob Obama/Soetoro until the cows come home,or in his case"when the chickens come home to roost".There are many things about Obama/Soetoro that needs to be proved.the least of which is wher he claims he was born.
When Obama /Soetoro was just a snot nosed Senator from Illnous it was published in the Kenyan newspapers that he was borned in Kenya.Then there's his granny that says she was present at his birth in Provinical Coast Hospital,in Mombassa,Kenya.Where they did find proof that a child named barrack Obama III was borned there and his mother was white and her name was Ann Dunham.Since then like the other web sites that they have scrubbed has been wiped clean and his cousin Raila Odinga (PM)has since removed.
Then we have the "Indonesian proof that he was adopted by his adopted father at age 5 and moved to Indonesia where he himself admits that he went and attended school right away?Only an Indonesian citizen can attend school in Indonesia.His school admission form says he attended a Maddrassa school and his reglion was listed as a "MUSLIM".furthermore when he turned 20 and retuened from school in Hawaii he obtained an "Indonesian Passport" where he used it to travel to "Pakistan" where NO american could travel,but as a "Indonesian citizen/Muslim" could travel freely through the country ,and even train as a terrorists himself,Maybe this is why he refuses to call terorists what they really are?
Obama/Soetoro is getting his army ready to over power the american way of life in a big way?Its time we all woke up and smelled the Muslim in the hen house and remove him from doing antmore destruction to this country.if you refuse to force Obama/Soetoro to produce his papers like he should have when he was to be vetted then its time we gave him his walking papers!and stop wasting taxpayers money hiding a 12dollars doucument that will settle this schism that Obama/Soetoro has created and kept alive to destract us from the real threat of his bankrupting America?”

December 31, 2009 4:00 AM

And when I tried to go to his website, it was not accessible…typical of these extremists…they hide behind the scenes, lurking in the shadows while spewing hatred and lies. Be a man, be like me, I am out there and you know where to contact me…Who the hell are you and why do you have to hide Mr. Runningbear? Also, I would suggest since you did not finish the 7th grade and can’t spell worth a shit that you use a feature in your computer called “SPELLCHECK” otherwise you are going to be misspelling words like you do with the signs you carry to your town hall meetings. You could use a crash course in remedial English. Without trying very hard, I counted 41 spelling and grammatical errors in this little post (I put them in red so you could think about them, Mr. Runningbear).

A couple of more things: I would still like to see Sarah Palin’s birth certificate and put to bed the rumor that she was born in Southern Alberta, Canada and for somebody to tell me that John McCain is not a natural born Panamanian. There are no hospitals in the Canal Zone.



We will be staying home, which I think is a very wise thing to do. First because if we drink we could get as shit faced drunk as we want and wouldn’t have to worry about driving. Second, because there are a lot of nuts out there and they WILL DRIVE DRUNK and as luck would have it, they would run into us.

So, we were able to get these two bottles of Piper Heidsieck at a reasonable price from Winn Dixie’s special promotion. We also got two Tombstone Pizzas for $12.00 and with it came a free carton of Breyer’s ice cream, a large Coke and two frozen appetizers…Not bad for $12.00.

We also had two other bottles of champagne in reserve and we will go through those as well. A good time will be had by all.


Rove getting divorced

Divorce for Karl Rove

Karl Rove getting a divorce!

The author of Republican strategies to dupe the gullible right wing fanatics and the “Rove Playbook” which instructs Republicans how to win elections by using the lowest, basest and most unethical tactics ever seen in American politics is filing for a divorce in Texas.

Whatever happened to “THE SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE” which Republicans and particularly Rove so vehemently uphold? Could there be a hint of hypocrisy here? Rove, who has so adamantly opposed same sex marriage in order to energize the Fundamentalist Evangelical base of the Republican Party has now attacked “THE SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE” himself.

What remains unanswered is how his wife, soon to be ex even married him. Has she consulted a mental health professional for having married the CREEP in the first place?

I suppose Rove is just following the trend of Republicans to betray the sanctity of marriage as some of his buddies like Ensign, Gingrich, Sanford, Craig, Vitter and so many others.

The only question I have is how long does Laura Bush will remain married to that idiot husband of hers?. Surely a bright, affable and sweet woman like Laura could not be married to such a creep for long.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


They Are sending these e-mails criticizing President Obama for his “Czars”.

This is part of what they wrote:

Obama's Czars:
The Hidden Government
You Must Know About

They enjoy wide-ranging bureaucratic authority beyond the purview of Congress, earn six-figure salaries, and exhibit political views that reflect a distinct tilt to theleft.

They're called President Obama's "czars," special advisers with sweeping powers, and Obama has gone far beyond his predecessors in naming nearly 40 of them to high-level positions.

From health reform czar, border czar, counterterrorism czar, urban czar, and global-warming czar to faith-based czar, domestic violence czar, stimulus accountability czar, Eurasian energy czar, Great Lakes czar, and safe-schools czar, they almost all have several things in common: They were never elected, they were never confirmed by the Senate, and the have immense power over our government and our lives.

This extreme-ultra right WING OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY doesn’t know how to invent shit to throw at the President. It is all fear mongering and nonsense. When previous presidents, particularly Republicans, had their Czars not one person squeeked or complained. Bush had many of them and they did far worse damage and a lot of unconstitutional shit. How dare they? What makes them think that we are even going to contemplate there is a conspiracy going on on the part of President Obama to usurp power and go around the laws and Congress? What is their agenda, these right-wingnuts? Bush stepped all over the Constitution, he trampled on human rights and lied to the American people. With these Newsmax people’s complicity.

“Do these appointed czars threaten our democracy?” They are asking. You know what really threatens our Democracy? Lobbyists and their influence…how they manage to put in their pockets all these elected officials, mostly Republicans, some asshole Democrats and “persuade” them after they get elected by their constituents to vote in favor of the very rich and the corporations. What is threatening our Democracy is the WELFARE STATE FOR THE VERY RICH AND THE CORPORATIONS that is already in place as the REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH that has been pervasively taken place in the last 30 years; going from the poor and the middle class to the very rich and the corporations. It all started by Reagan and so aptly is being carried out by the likes of Michelle Bachman, Demint, John Boehner, and other assholes.

The Birthers too have not given up. They are still trying to plant doubts in the minds of Americans about President Obama’s legitimate birthplace while ignoring the fact that John McCain is Panamanian and rumors have it that Sarah Palin was born in Southern Alberta, Canada and she might well be Canadian.

A reader asked me where was it that I heard the rumor about Sarah Palin not being a natural born American. I will tell you this: long before I even dreamed of doing this blog, during the Presidential campaign; I read it in a blog from somebody who actually lived in Sandpoint, Idaho, the supposedly birthplace of Sarah Palin. This blogger mentioned the name: Wilhemina Stark or Starke which remained in my mind because it was unusual. I tried later to find the blog and the blogger and could not.

But when checking Sarah Palin’s birth account we find that there is a discrepancy as to the time of birth. Could it be that she wasn’t born in Sandpoint, Idaho but in rural Southern Alberta, Canada?

We have to leave it at that. Sarah Palin should produce a birth certificate, the placenta and the sworn statement from the doctors or the midwife who deliver her or we are going to have this doubt.