Monday, May 31, 2010



It is a day to honor those who were so brave and who gave so much for our country.

Most people forget what it is about. Most only think that it is a day of rest, picnics and socializing. We somehow lack the will to remember what this day really means.

To me, it is a day to say:


Arlington National Cemetery



Then we are should start a “take no prisoner”, “scorch the earth” sweep to actually impeach the likes of Governor Sanford, Senator Ensin, Michelle Bachman for treason, Virginia Fox for lying to Congress and so on…I am sure that there is a lot more dirt on Republicans and just remember that those who live in glass houses don’t throw stones.

What the President did is not even classified as unethical. So, Mr. Issa you better shut the fuck up and start to worry more about your Republican Party protecting the interests of the oil companies and being in bed with the big corporations…and that my dear Congressman is more than enough to warrant you impeachment for yourself.

Not to speak of taking our country into an illegal and immoral war where the President lied to us and to the world to get us in it. That did cost thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths as well as a hefty trillion dollars in treasure…talk about impeachable, Republicans could easily be tried and convicted for war crimes. What President Obama did if he tried to persuade Mr. Sestak not to run did not cost us a trillion dollars or the lives of thousands of our brave soldiers.

We are not going to let you Republicans forget that President George W. Bush had more than 35 impeachable offenses and they were more than serious, not like trying to persuade someone not to run for office.


“A California congressman who called it an "impeachable" offense for the administration to offer Rep. Joe Sestak a job in exchange for his quitting a Senate bid said Sunday the cover-up, as usual, appears worse than the crime.

Republican Rep. Darrell Issa said the explanation for the Sestak affair -- that former President Bill Clinton offered the Democratic congressman an unpaid position on an advisory board if he would drop his challenge against party-switching Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter -- is not plausible because as a sitting congressman Sestak couldn't have served on a presidential commission.

"It's a crime because they've admitted that they offered this position ... So that begs the real question. Do we believe this is a further cover-up because he's -- they're now talking about a job that President Clinton himself should have known Sestak couldn't take? “He said.

"They're now coming up with a nonplausible answer," Issa said.

On Friday, the White House revealed that Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had asked Clinton to talk to Sestak about a presidential appointment if Sestak would suspend his bid for the Democratic Senate nomination.

Sestak has said repeatedly since February that he was offered a job to drop out of the race, but he declined. He would not reveal the nature of the conversation until after the White House issued its report on Friday.

"If it's not a crime -- and I believe it is -- it certainly is business

As usual, politics of corruption. The fact is once you're in power, if you can use our appointments, you can corrupt the process," Issa said.

Appearing with Issa on Sunday, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said Obama has cleaned up Washington, but he didn't say "he was going to change every aspect of everything we've done."

"I think Barack Obama has brought a new level of ethical standards to Washington. Has he changed some basic hard-knuckle politics? No. You need hard-knuckle politics to succeed," Rendell said. "But he's not perfect. And there are certain things that have to go on to make things work, and this is one of them."

Rendell said offers of jobs for political cooperation have happened "for time immemorial."

"I did the same thing in 2006 to ask a former congressman, Joe Hoeffel, to drop out of the race against Bob Casey in the primary," Rendell said. "I said come back and see me if you do it. He came back and saw me, and he was out of public service. I appointed him as a deputy secretary of commerce. He did a great job."

Issa said the difference between Rendell's scenario and the White House action is that Rendell didn't have a specific offer in exchange in the deal, so therefore did not violate the U.S. law signed by then-President Clinton.

"Ed Rendell is saying this happens all the time. Sure, it happens all the time, things like this. But it's usually carefully crafted so it doesn't fall under this kind of quid pro quo," Issa said.

Issa said Sunday candidate Obama pledged to conduct a transparent administration so he should submit to an FBI review.

"The question is, has this been transparent? No. Has there been stalling? Yes. Is there a possibility that what we're being told now is not true because it's not so plausible? Yes. Should there be independent investigation so we can move on? Yes," Issa told "Fox News Sunday."

"I don't want to be investigating this. I don't want the White House investigating itself. The FBI or the attorney general should see that it's investigated so the American people can feel they can put this behind them," he said.

Issa added he would accept the result if an FBI investigation exonerates the White House of an illegal bribe.”

Just think about it asshole, it is not like when the Republicans offered Hayakawa an ambassadorship not to run in California…they may have tried to persuade him, but a job that does not pay? You would think the Democrats could do better than that if they had been trying to bribe him.




Just a few months ago, my next door neighbor confided in me and told me that she was going through some very difficult times. In addition to having lost her job she was the victim of identity theft. Somehow some low life got a hold of information and piled up some very hefty amounts on her credit cards.

At first she thought it was someone at the casino at the Indian Reservation but then other abnormal charges started to happen in different credit cards. What is most disturbing is that she had IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION. It went on for a couple of weeks and Mary was out of her mind with inconveniences and phone calls from creditors.

She had to make many trips to the banks, made hundreds of telephone calls, canceled all her credit cards of course and had a hell of a time getting some of them back even after she made it clear to the credit card companies that she had been the subject of identity theft.

What is most disturbing is that she had IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION. Make no mistake about it, at least this particular service she was with, indeed gave her a free credit report when she signed up and took her money. But when the time came to correct all that had been done they were not diligent and even made it appear that it was her to blame for her problems.

Eventually, by a coincidence of sorts and luck they caught one of the culprits. It turned out to be a woman who lived only a few blocks away and had watched Mary as she put out the garbage when the woman was coming down the alley. Mary had cleaned out her desk the night before and there were all kinds of receipts, papers with her social security number and other important information.

The woman just picked up the garbage bag full of useful information and put it to dubious use. I think it went to trial but the punishment was a little more than a slap of the wrist as I understand it.

My advise is: if you don’t have a shredder, then tear up any papers in very small pieces, divide it in three little piles, put one each garbage day in the trash can, that way they will never be able to have a complete document. But most important; don’t rely on any of these IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION SERVICES. They don’t perform when they are supposed to and only collect your money and that is one expensive proposition just to get a free credit report which you are entitled to once a year for free.

Prevent Mail Identity Theft

Heare are some tips to help you prevent mail identity theft.

  • Collect your mail every day. Credit card thieves have been known to steal mail to get credit card bills (and information).
  • Inform your local postal carrier to hold your mail when you're going to be out of town.
  • Refuse to take pre-approved credit card offers. You can opt-out from receiving these kinds of solicitations. Identity theft fraud artists have been known to open pre-approved credit accounts under your name.
  • Never write your credit card number on an envelope or other piece of paper.
  • Never write your social security number on an envelope or other piece of paper.

Preventing Credit Card Identity Theft

While there's no foolproof method for preventing credit card identity theft there are steps you can take to minimize your risk which we've listed below.

  • If you lose your credit card, immediately inform your credit card company.
  • If you notice that your credit card bill is incorrect, immediately inform your credit card company.
  • Never give your credit card information to someone who called you. People call under all kinds of pretenses to get your credit card information. Unless you made the call, refuse to give out your credit card number.
  • Before throwing away credit card bills and other documents that show your credit card number, shred these bills and documents.
  • Check your credit card bill carefully every month. Go over it to see any discrepancies or suspicious inclusions.
  • Carry only the credit cards you intend on using. Don't carry every credit card you have in your billfold. If you misplace your wallet or it's stolen, someone will take every credit card you have in one swipe.
  • Hide credit cards that you don't take with you. Home thieves will search for your plastic when they break in.
  • When you receive a new credit card, sign it immediately. This way, someone can't steal your card and sign it themselves.
  • Anytime you make a purchase, make certain you get your credit card and the receipt from credit card purchases. Don't trust that the cashier handed you the right receipt, either. Check the receipt before you leave.

Online Identity Theft

Online identity theft is a growing problem. Online fraud artists use all kinds of schemes and technologies to get your credit card information, so you have to be careful about giving out your information over the internet.

  • Don't email your credit card information - ever.
  • Never email your social security information.
  • Before giving out your credit card numbers, make certain you are on the page you intended to be on. Some web pages have links or spyware that route you to their webpage instead of legitimate internet merchants. You can land on that page without noticing, and you'll end up giving your credit card information to the scam artist.
  • Use "web secure" internet pages when ordering online. Web-secure pages have a "padlock" icon in the toolbar at the top of the page. This means that the page uses security software to prevent online identity fraud. If you don't see the padlock, do not give out your credit card information.
  • When filling out an online credit card application and it asks you for your social security number, check to see that page has the secure web-page padlock on it, too.
  • Use personal firewall software and make certain this software is constantly updated. This means pop-ups and landing pages can be blocked.
  • Use anti-virus software and make certain this software is constantly updated. PCs without anti-virus protection will soon fill up with spyware and other computer viruses. Spyware lets someone track your internet activity and sometimes gives them access to the information you give out online, if you give out information on pages that aren't web-secure.
  • Don't respond to emails from people you do not recognize. Most of these are spam, but some of these are scam artists. In either case, unsolicited emails are not worth your time - and some can steal your identity.
  • If an email asks you for money in any fashion, by all means do not give out your credit information. One infamous scam is the "Nigerian prince" scam, where a person is asked to give money to help out a Nigerian prince. I know this sounds like I'm being funny, but if you receive an email from a Nigerian prince or if you're informed via email that you just won the lottery or some other large prize, this is an online scam and an attempt to steal your identity. Do not fall for it.

Discarding empty medicine bottles

Also, don’t throw out your empty prescription medicine bottles, particularly if they have written on them “1 more refill” because anyone can pick it up out of the garbage and go to the drugstore, sometimes these pharmacies don’t check who is picking up the prescription and they charge your insurance company and you are out of your medicine for a month.