Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am in Santo Domingo

Dear followers:
I am in the Dominican Republic and it has not stopped raining since we got here.
My family has a very slow computer with all kinds of problems that slow it down and the fricking keyboard is weird. I will try to post regularly and will write about my experiences...if any...once we get out of this bad weather I might be able to go somewhere.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


To all the followers of “Trickledownbs”:

After a year of continuous and uninterrupted blogging, I am taking a small vacation…I am off to the Dominican Republic with my 94 year old mom…to visit relatives. I will be there for ten days and it is not clear if I am going to have access to a computer. Therefore, it is possible that I might either be sporadic on my postings or I may not be able to blog at all. I beg for your patience and hope it does not discourage you from following my blog upon my return…

I will be gone from the 21st of July until August 2nd.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010



Since I am devoid of that fear that most people have of being blasphemous and the price for that as prescribed by the religious fanatics is death and eventually burning in hell; I have no deterrent in telling it like it is.

You see, I have repeatedly written blogs expressing my displeasure with religion, religious dogma, religious fanaticism and in particular the Bible. I have said that it is written by men and it does not have the “sacred” or “holy” characteristics these people attach to it. I see it as a compilation of fairy tales, fables and stories all meant to subdue mankind into the kind of sheepish submission religion needs to survive and thrive.

Since I don’t believe in hell, it also helps me see things more clearly. I think that people should act in good faith and do good deeds because it is in their nature to do so, not because they fear retribution. If you have faith and you only do good deeds because you are afraid of going to hell, then I don’t think you are a good person, it is your proclivity to do ill and do harm, only religion is stopping you therefore you do deserve to go to hell…if such a thing existed.

When I use profanity, when I put down some religious beliefs, when I criticize the behavior of religious leaders and how hypocritical they are, preaching morality and getting involved in sordid sexual affairs, when I point out the corruption and the sexual abuses of the church I am speaking the truth and since I don’t do guilt I am free from that “you are going to hell” promise.

One often hears: “Christians are not perfect…just forgiven” I cringe. You see, that is precisely what is wrong with Christianity. We know we are not perfect…and the idea of forgiveness is ludicrous because you can go ahead and screw up or just screw to your heart’s desire knowing that you will be forgiven.

That is why I say that when some of these people who claim to be Christians begin to pass judgment on others and to get together to pass laws that discriminate and make other people’s life miserable; those are the ones that if I am correct in this, should be going to hell and receive that punishment they prescribe…not those of us who let others be themselves and are only responsible for our own actions.

Some of these fucking Evangelicals and Morons Mormons will have burned to a crisp in the bowels of hell long before I have even made my reservations for my trip there. These hypocrites have no idea that they are causing harm and misery, they don’t know the hurtful and hateful results of their misguided interpretations of the Scriptures. Yet, even after you point it out to them they pick and choose, they selectively opt to quote one passage of the Scriptures and ignore all the others.

Do you really think that if you light a candle or if you dress in white, or if you get on your knees or prostrate yourself on the floor to “submit and offer” your alligeance and your devotion that doing that is going to secure you a place in heaven? By the same token do you think that by saying: “I accept Jesus, or Jesus is in my heart” that it is going to make you any safer? Dream on…if you keep fucking people over, if you get together with others to deprive some of their rights and you cause misery and suffering, I don’t care how many candles you light or how much you repeat that you have “Jesus in your life”…you are first in the beeline to hell.

Harlequin novel covers or Mormon religious imagery?

Do you really think that by calling yourselves “bishops” or “reverend”; putting on some silly robes or some religious drag that you are going to impress me? To impress me enough to even think that somehow you are “holier than thou” and a representative of an imaginary god?

The Bible or the Koran can’t be taken literally…you have to put it all into context and you have to not allow others to interpret it for you…nor should you take the lazy road and let others explain it to you and adopt their interpretations. In any case, the Bible is at best an account of the history of people who lived five or six thousand years ago and in most cases has very little significance to our lives today. It is not even an accurate historical document. And because I don’t believe in its “holly” nature, it would be meaningless for me to swear on one. I also don’t ever say: “so help me God” when I am being sworn in…instead I say: “so help me, me” because ultimately I am the one who is responsible for my own actions and I have no expectations of rewards or punishment…when I do something wrong it is going to be in my conscience, not to be unburdened later by some fucking priest.

I know that my way of thinking and my whole outlook on religion just pisses them off. They can’t stand it to think that their fear mongering has no effect on me. They even leave totally frustrated from my door; like the morning that the two Morons Mormons came: “Good morning brother, we come to bring you the good news” To which I replied: “What?, don’t tell me the Inquisition is over”

Another time there was this real good looking youngster at the mall and he comes up to me, very assertively and said: “Do you know Jesus?” My response was, first a burst of laughter, then I said: “Yes, I know Jesus, he is this real hot stud who lives in Hialeah and has a ten inch cock…I have his phone number…do you want it? You might enjoy sucking his cock”. Those two interchanges totally threw their game. They left in a huff, saying they would pray for me…of course what they meant was that they wished I would burn in their imaginary, fabricated hell.




Sister Sarah, listen up...I know Shakespeare and you AIN'T Shakespeare!


Monday, July 19, 2010



I have owned two businesses in my lifetime; the first one failed when hurricane Andrew wiped out three of my most important customers. The second I had to close my doors after a chain opened a store less than a mile from my location and they were selling their products for the same amount I was buying them wholesale.

In both cases, the employees I had received severance pay and their vacation pay as well when I closed my doors. In one case, I even had to go out and borrow money to pay them this, forsaking my own interests and the wellbeing of my own family. But I always took care of my employees…I never forgot where I came from.

In one instance, when I owned the advertising agency, I must have had inspectors, tax collectors, permits, and all kinds of local, state and Federal people visiting me on almost a daily basis trying to collect money from me; even when the business was still not profitable. The small businessman in America has it very tough while the big corporations get away with murder. We see all kinds of breaks for them in terms of tax exemptions, tax reductions, subsidies, sweet deal contracts for which they did not even have to bid…they cheat the government and send inflated invoices, cheating and lying.

I am very concerned with how the Reagan philosophy works. Corporations were encouraged to close their doors in America and move their headquarters elsewhere to avoid paying taxes. Manufacturing was almost decimated because the Republicans kept giving these corporations incentives to close their plants and open them in foreign soil where they would find no unions and ridiculous low wages, no benefits and no regulations.

I get upset when I try to build a lousy fence in my house. I have to jump through hoops, get permits, pay fees and go through endless inspections in which the implication is that I should be paying a bribe to the inspectors is more than obvious. I refuse to do so, so they give me an even harder time. Yet, I find that the oil companies are able to secure permits they write up themselves, take no effort to obtain and are filled with lies and assumptions that have caused one of the greatest ecological disasters in our nation’s history. My fence, even if it falls during a hurricane will not cause half of the hemisphere to be polluted for the next decades to come.

When I had my business, the IRS came down very hard on me, I had to justify even the fucking toilet tissue in my bathroom with receipts…yet the very rich are not even touched…they are getting tax reductions and loopholes that cause our nation to have a huge national debt. The corporations keep getting subsidies and sweet deals, contracts they do not deserve and had no competition in bidding for them (does Halliburton ring a bell?)

Why is it that the rich think they are entitled? Why do they resent all our safety nets and any kind of legislation that helps the poor and the middle class and don’t hesitate to call it SOCIALISM?

I am a firm believer in the free enterprise system but I also realize that it has to have regulations or greed will prevail and cause damage to the already decimated middle class and a lot of misery to the poor. Why do we begrudge a mother of 4 some assistance, why do we deny an extension of unemployment benefits to those who lost their jobs as a result of the greed and the incompetency of Republicans? Yet they don’t even blink when giving the very rich these huge tax breaks that keep us from having a balanced budget and pile on trillions of dollars to our debt…I call it the law of the funnel…narrow for me and wide for you.

I am curious if this lady carrying this sign realizes that the taxes for the middle class and the poor has actually been lowered…and when she refers to no more spending, no new taxes, she is not thinking that it is for the very rich and the corporations that have been getting all kinds of breaks with the Bush ta

Sunday, July 18, 2010



My pipi is bigger than yours!

Does that hole hurt? My mommy’s hole sometimes bleeds

Yeah Tommy, but would you respect me in the morning?

This is what I think of your gas guzzling SUV

Breeder in training

I just found out my daddy is a Republican!



How could a big, powerful animal like the elephant be afraid of a tiny, defenseless and harmless mouse? How can the GOP elephant be afraid of tiny minorities, defenseless and harmless liberal-progressives?

Of course it is a myth that elephants are scared of mice, but for the sake of our post let us assume they are. Did you know elephants are more afraid of bees than of mice? Could it be because the bee is the official insect of Utah?

On Tuesday October 9th 2007, The Metro, a London free paper, featured a report that Oxford University zoologists had discovered that an elephant is much more likely to panic and stampede when frightened by a bumble bee, rather than if the elephant is frightened by the archetypal terrorizer of elephants, the mouse.

The study, conducted in the Samburu National Reserve, Northern Kenya, may help to save lives where elephants live (and work) alongside humans. Possible applications of the research could be a perimeter alarm that sounds a bee-buzzing noise when elephants approach - this would be an elephant deterrent.

So, were elephants that go on a rampage, seemingly for no reason, frightened by a bee? The reasons should be obvious, but for someone like Ahkmadinejad the computer mouse is more frightening than a whole beehive because it represents a way for his people to obtain information and Iran does not want the general public to be well informed. Likewise, the Republicans are at a loss when it comes to the computer mouse because people learn very fast that what they have been saying is simply not true...and they learn it fast.


Saturday, July 17, 2010



First and foremost; we can’t let the Republicans forget nor divorce themselves from the failed Bush policies, from their disastrous ideology and from their askew values. We cannot allow them to blame President Obama for the mess they left.

Second: We can never allow America to become a theocracy. We have to fight tooth and nail to prevent this from happening. Contrary to what some of these religious nuts believe, our Founding Fathers meant it to have a clear and distinct separation of Church and State.

Third: We have to stand our ground when it comes to civil rights. It is not just a few token visitation and non discriminatory measures, it has to go all the way, it can’t stop at repealing DON’T ASK DON’T TELL, it has to give GLBT Americans the same rights as everyone else and that includes full marriage. Civil Rights legislation in the 60’s brought the changes we needed…we can’t let that be stripped away by the racists like Rand Paul and Tom Tancredo.

Fourth: We can’t allow the Evangelicals, Fundamentalists and Mormons to define marriage for the rest of us; particularly when it is based on an erroneous interpretation of the Scriptures.

Fifth: We have to confront the warmongers, the ones who get us into unnecessary conflicts and wars so that we don’t make the same mistakes again. We are tired of spending lives and treasure so that the military can play their silly war games and the military industrial complex can keep making those profits off of war. We are now hearing their sabers rattling, talking about attacking Iran.

Sixth: We have to remind everyone that the REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH has already taken place. That what we have in America today is a WELFARE SYSTEM for the top 2% of the richest Americans. They are getting a hell of a sweet deal with the Bush tax cuts which in turn has been piled up to our deficit. We have to remind them that yes, we believe that the FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM is the best model but it has to have regulations because if it doesn’t greed will prevail…we know what greed has done: It created the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression; it gave us the biggest ecological catastrophe in our history and it promises to keep on giving us grief and debt…all so that the top 2% of our richest can live in the lap of luxury in their Hamptons home.

Seventh: That Religion has to stay away from politics. We saw how the Mormons dumped millions of dollars and carried a very misleading and hurtful campaign against same sex marriage in California. It has to be clear that if they use church funds to back a candidate or a cause they are interfering and they should lose their tax exempt status.

Eighth: Those Churches can no longer put a whole fleet of church buses and vans to take people to the polls; they are doing it and I saw it being done. I have a Black Baptist Church about three blocks from my house and they were displaying anti-gay signs on their lawn. Election Day I saw their buses and vans making numerous trips to the voting place. This is in my opinion a direct violation of the separation of Church and State.

Ninth: We have to do everything in our power to end lobbying. We are overdue for election reforms and for the way Congress does business. The constituents elect officials to go to Washington and before they even get there they are already in the pockets of the lobbyists and no longer representing the voters who elected them.

Tenth: We must somehow get THE PUBLIC OPTION incorporated into the new Health Care legislation. Not to do so would empower and embolden the Health Insurance industry and we would continue to pay the highest amounts in premiums of any of the civilized nations (17%) and get the inferior care we have been getting.

Eleventh: We have to pay our debt, yes, but we must do so with the taxes the rich and the corporations are not paying. We can’t afford any more subsidies or bail outs for banks or financial institutions. Americans have already lost too much money as they saw their pensions, retirement accounts, home values decline and the cost of living increases that have almost decimated the middle class.

And last, we have to remind Republicans that being obstructionists, wishing the President to fail, being so recalcitrant and racist is not patriotic, this amounts to downright treason. Furthermore, we have to insist that Republicans and conservatives repudiate those extreme radical elements within their party and the Tea Bag Party to cease and desist from advocating violence…Timothy McVey and 9/11 are still fresh and engrained in our collective minds to now encourage a bunch of wing nuts to take up arms and bring on violence to our nation. They also have to divorce themselves from this racist theme and once and for all admonish those who believe that way; otherwise the Civil Rights movement would have been meaningless and any progress we have made in the last fifty years would become irrelevant.

With religious fanaticism on the rise...Christians and Muslims, Jews and others ultra right conservative wing nuts we have seen attacks like the Oklahoma City bombing and The World Trade Center in New York obliterated by fanatics...we have seen doctors killed by pro-lifers, clinics bombed, vandalism and attacks on members or Congress for their progressive views. should we continue to encourage them by not opposing them? Please tell Republicans that they have to abandon this threat of violence if they don't get their way.



This has been one of the most perplexing questions that most people ask. If God is just, if God is supposed to be on the side of those who are “good” then why is it that those who are “bad” are rewarded with great wealth, good fortune, sometimes even good looks?

I am thinking about some people who have done society and humanity so much harm. Take Rushie Bouncy-bouncy Limbaugh…the man has made a fortune out of being outrageously bigoted and controversial. He has done society more harm than almost any other individual living in America today; perhaps running second to Rove, Bush or Rumsfeld. The jury is still out on Cheney, because as we all know, he has health problems; so he is not really enjoying the millions he cajoled from those Halliburton contracts.

But then there are people like Glen Beck…a fucking Moron Mormon and he is right on the same track as Rush Limbaugh…he is already laughing all the way to the bank. Let us not forget Sister Sarah; Sarah Palin, with all her intellectual shortcomings has been able to amass a fortune, forfeiting a very prestigious job as Governor of Alaska for the pursuit of the almighty dollar. Whatever you can say about the bitch, she is being rewarded with riches, most of which coming from those very ignorant and superstitious religious types that would donate to her even if their children went hungry or their electric bill didn’t get paid.

So where is God in all of this? What connection if any do these evil people have to God when they are clearly doing a lot of harm to humanity?


Thursday, July 15, 2010



For the first time in 87 days it seems that there is no oil flowing freely into the Gulf of Mexico waters. Better late than never but the damage has been done. This damage is going to hound us for years if not decades.

There has been some very serious harm done to very fragile environments and there is still the question of compensation. For the time being, BP Oil seems to have stopped giving out checks. We are told that people have been going to the claims offices and they have walked away empty handed. It is possible that they are waiting for the new front man to start working and the changes and requirements that he is going to institute. But we have to keep in mind that most of these people are working folks, people who for the most part live from pay check to pay check.

The oil has stopped…so it seems…and the problems and the restitution of those harmed and the restoration of the environment is going to begin. Let us hope that the Obama government is assertive enough and demands that BP lives up to its responsibilities.