Saturday, December 31, 2011


Could 2012 actually be the very last year of humans on this earth?

How else could you explain the madness, the radical and callous crazy behavior on the part of the very rich and the corporations? If the world was actually coming to an end, then they would want to burn the candle at both ends before that happens, act irresponsibly and try to keep their lofty place on the top of the food chain until such time.
The very wealthy have always been motivated by greed and if some of them actually knew of an impending doom they would want to satisfy that greed to the full extent.

What if President Obama actually had been told when he took office “the secret” and that secret is that December 21st, 2012 will be the last day of humans on this earth…with scientific evidence and convincing information like the advent of a meteor or a comet on a collision course with earth?
I should think that the President would want to keep calm and accept this as his task to keep everything together and make the lives of Americans as bearable as possible even in the face of all this Republican-Teahadist madness to demand more, to sabotage, to squeeze the last dime out of the American people.
But most importantly is the real danger of any such belief...if it is going to happen there isn't a fucking thing we can do about it. But, speaking realistically chances are that this Armageddon/end of days bull shit is not going to happen. The results of having people believe that crap is that they won't want to build for the future, improve infrastructure, embark on massive construction projects because after all, if the world is coming to an end, why bother building anything?



The monumental gaffs, the outrageous statements, the audacity of the lies, the incredible persistence to deny and then the inconsistencies on issues…there was plenty of flip-flopping in 2011.

Around May we were all subjected to Mr. Weiner’s weenie

We finally witnessed the end of DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL
One of the most prominent activists in the military who work to oppose DADT was Victor Fehrenbach

Regrettably there were many youngster suicides as a result of the bullying they were being subjected to because of their perceived or declared homosexuality.
Tyler clement was one of the saddest of the suicide cases.

It became apparent that Wisconsin citizens were not going to tolerate their Governor’s ultra right wing agenda.

And neither were Floridians who are giving their Governor the lowest rating in popularity of any of the 50 governors.

Japan suffered one mega-disaster, a three punch hit with an earthquake followed by a tsunami and a nuclear catastrophe.

An awful downturn in Wall Street saw a massive stock market crash
We had the Royal wedding, nice distraction, somewhat dreamy and a reminder of what the rest of us can't ever have. It's a nice fairy tale.

And there was the "ARAB SPRING" Egypt followed Tunisia getting rid of their dictators.

Our President was blackmailed on several occasions by Republicans who held the American people hostage to obtain their demands
Our President still managed to kill Osama Bin Laden all the while the birthers continued to question his birthplace.

In the meantime the longest war in American history is still a cloud over our heads
Afghanistan War

Unlike the Tea Party movement we saw the emergence of a genuine grass roots movement: Occupy Wall Street and perhaps two of the most iconic pictures of this struggle so far, one of an 84 yr old woman who had been pepper sprayed by police and the other one of a cop nonchalantly spraying students as if they were garden bugs.

Republicans continued to do what they do best: NOTHING by saying no to everything and actually sabotaging any efforts to bring back the economy and alleviate unemployment.

The horse race started and the horses were out of the gate with uncommon zeal, one by one they would have their 15 minutes of fame then fizzle and still leaving Mr. Romney with a mid twenties support among Republican primary voters who are desperate for a viable, electable candidate.

Mitt Romney had the audacity to affirm that “corporations are people, my friend”

I think that the icing on the cake and perhaps the most outrageous uttering made in 2011 came from Newt Gingrich who suggested to fire janitors and replace them with child labor.
These of course are not all of the worthy pictures or incidents of significance but I think you get the picture…if you pardon the pun.


Friday, December 30, 2011


This one is particularly important because it deals with what you think is the worst of all the GOP’s intended policy changes

  • Bring Back “Pre-Existing Conditions”: Health care reform is one of President Obama’s signature achievements. No longer can children born with health conditions be denied insurance. No longer can insurance companies deny care for “pre-existing conditions.” About 2.5 million young adults who lacked health insurance now are covered by their families’ plans. So what did Republicans do? Try to repeal “Obamacare” and put control back in the hands of insurance companies.
  • Kick Grandma Off Medicare & Give Her a Coupon: Republicans all lined up in favor of Republican Rep. Paul Ryan’s extreme budget plan earlier this year that would kill Medicare as we know it and turn it into a voucher program. Thank goodness the Democratic Senate was there to stop them and keep our promise to seniors.

  • Hand Over Cash to Corporations and the Wealthy: Another part of Paul Ryan’s plan: Give huge tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy. While the middle class struggles to get ahead, Republicans tried to make things worse by reducing taxes on the wealthiest – and sticking everyone else with the bill.
  • Rip Away Workers’ Rights: When Republicans won the governorships in Wisconsin and Ohio, among other states, one of the first things they did was go after public workers, including taking away the rights of teachers and prison guards to bargain for better pay and benefits. Bad move. They clearly overstepped their bounds, and voters will remember at the ballot box in 2012.

  • Prevent You From Voting: Republicans this year decided that when it comes to elections, if you can’t beat, then cheat. From Florida to Wisconsin to Ohio, Republicans passed laws that will have the effect of suppressing Democratic turnout in these crucial swing states. The Brennan Center for Justice estimates that more than 5 million voters will be affected by these laws – a number higher than the margin of victory in the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. Senate Democrats are holding hearings on the Florida laws in January.
  • Declare War on Women: It was bad enough that Republicans tried to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood and other family planning programs. Then they tried to change federal law to redefine rape and to allow hospitals to deny lifesaving care for pregnant women. So much for the Republican promise to have a “laser focus” on jobs. The Republican War on Women is alive and well.

  • Shove Gay Soldiers Back Into the Closet: It was a huge victory for civil rights and basic human dignity when President Obama signed the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell into law. Finally, all Americans could serve openly in the military. Or not. This year, Republicans tried to bring back the policy, and some Republican presidential candidates have said reinstituting discrimination is one of their top policy priorities.
  • Launch Assaults on Sesame Street and Lake Wobegon: I don’t know what Republicans have against Big Bird and Garrison Keillor, but they will do almost anything to shut off their microphones. In fact, earlier this year, Republicans vowed to shut down the federal government if NPR and PBS weren’t defunded. Luckily, Senate Democrats were there to stop the nonsense, and “Sesame Street” and “A Prairie Home Companion” were given a reprieve – for now.

  • Let Consumers Fend For Themselves: One of the most important reforms passed by Democrats in decades was the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to prevent big banks from ripping off their customers with dangerous financial products – some of the same products that contributed to the Great Recession. But Republicans hate anything that puts customers ahead of corporations. So they’ve fought the bureau – and people chosen to lead it – tooth and nail.
  • Increase Taxes for Middle Class Families. And last but certainly not least, this week House Republicans refused to support tax relief for the middle class, even as they demand it for billionaires and huge corporations. If your taxes go up next year, you’ll have nobody but Republicans to blame.

  • Privatize Social Security.

These policies and positions are simply awful -- so awful, in fact, that I couldn't choose the worst. That's your job. Click here, vote, and tell us what you think is the No. 1 Worst Republican Actions of 2011. The Democratic Senate has been the firewall stopping most of these measures dead in their tracks. With only a four seat majority, it’s never been more important to protect the Senate.

From all of us here at the DSCC, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a great – and blue! – 2012.

Guy Cecil
Executive Director, DSCC
P.S. Dec. 31 doesn’t just mark the end of the year – it’s also a key FEC fundraising deadline. We need a show of strength heading into 2012. Can you help with a gift of $5 or $10 today? 10 Senate races are tossups, and Republicans only need to flip 4 to take the Senate. If they do, you can expect these Top 10 Worst Things Republicans Tried to become the Top 10 Worst Things Republicans Accomplished. And we certainly don’t want that. Thank you!

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candidate's committee.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Our financial institutions have not served the American people well.

Their excesses, abuses, shady transactions, speculative and irresponsible speculation have caused America and the 99% of its people a great deal of harm and misery. What seems to be a catch-22 situation where we almost don’t have much of a choice but to do our banking in the traditional way and bite the bullet by accepting the terms these banks force on us…may also offer us an alternative.
Here is one idea I would like to throw out there so that people begin to think in creative ways to beat the unfair banking system: Why can’t we create a publicly owned, ethical and fair financial enterprise much like a credit union that would offer the same services as banks but would not abuse and take advantage of customers?
When there is a fire you have several options; a fire can be put out by pouring water on it or the other option is just to let it burn itself out. But there is a third one, and it is to deprive it of oxygen. This is precisely what I propose; because if millions of Americans abandon the traditional banking institutions and go to one that is publicly owned then these big banks will either close their doors or begin to compete in a fair marketplace.
I am by no means an expert in banking matters but I have been burned a few times by the unethical practices of banks. I have had to abide by their harsh and unforgiving policies and ended up giving them a lot of my money. I also fell victim to the Wall Street Ponzi schemes and lost my pension, so that if I sound bitter it is because I am. I think that if my retirement investment had been in a publicly owned institution it would not have suffered the fate it did. 

Bank of the people by the people

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


For decades now the 1% has been waging a class war coupled with a redistribution of the wealth in their favor.

They have been the lords and masters of this economy, of this society. They own the weapons used to fight this war and have won many if not all of the battles. But you see, 1% owning the weapons can’t possibly win against the army of 300 million of the 99%. It is rather simple military strategy, it is common sense and eventually the war will be over with the 99% coming out as the victors.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Brazil overtakes UK as sixth-largest economy





A couple of days ago, Sunday, December 25, 2011, I posted “BRAZIL IS PROGRESSIVE – A TRIBUTE TO A GREAT COUNTRY”

Today we hear that Brazil has overtaken the UK to become the world's sixth-largest economy, according to a team of economists. The banking crash of 2008 and the subsequent recession has relegated the UK to seventh place in 2011, behind South America's largest economy, which has boomed on the back of exports to China and the far east.

Brazil GDP Growth Rate

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Brazil stagnated in the third quarter of 2011 over the previous quarter. Historically, from 1996 until 2011, Brazil's average quarterly GDP Growth was 0.80 percent reaching an historical high of 4.50 percent in September of 1996 and a record low of -4.20 percent in December of 2008. Brazil is one of the fastest growing emerging economies in the world. With large and growing agricultural, mining, manufacturing and service sectors, Brazil economy ranks highest among all the South American countries and it has also acquired a strong position in global economy. This page includes: Brazil GDP Growth Rate chart, historical data, forecasts and news. Data is also available for Brazil GDP Annual Growth Rate, which measures growth over a full economic year.

Brazil’s growth even at this sluggish rate still surpassed that of the UK and has surpassed them to become the world’s sixth largest economy. The GDP only grew 2.1 percent from the same period a year ago.
But as the European mess gets worse, Brazil’s first female President – Dilma Rouseff is taking very aggressive steps to reinvigorate the economy with a mix of tax cuts, interest rate reduction and less strict lending requirements.
 Maybe the US should learn a little from Brazil and cut taxes for the middle class, reduce interest rates for the public – not the financial institutions that are making a bundle out of loans given to them and paid for by the taxpayer only to turn around and loan it out at higher rates thus pocketing huge profits. And then we should also encourage and even require all those financial institutions to stop hoarding the money and begin to loan it out or else…OR ELSE we are going to establish a people’s owned banking institution that will give them a run for their money.


And he says: “Hello master, could you please take me out for a walk now before I piss all over the floor?” then he adds: “By the way, could you also give me some better food …those Nibbles N’Bits taste like crap”

When that day comes, I might begin to consider prayer something other than wishful thinking. I may have some kind of bond with my dog. I may even communicate to him and he might understand basic commands or my pleasure or my being pissed at him. But if I begin to imagine that the fucking dog is talking to me, that is delusional.
If and when that actually happens, then I might even consider placing my faith in your little green unicorns from Tasmania and worshiping them while hanging from a chandelier the way you do. But not until that time will I accept delusional, imaginary concepts like heaven and hell, Armageddon/the end of times, the virgin birth, resurrection or unexplained miracles and most of all the whole exercise in futility that is prayer.
That is why when I see somebody praying on bended knee publicly as this Tebow fellow does, I can’t help to think that he is an opportunist of sorts, he is advertising his faith to pander to those Christianists who might say: “He is such a handsome boy…look Martha, he is getting on his knees and praying…he is also such a good Christian”. But I say to him: “Keep your fucking religion to yourself and limit your public displays to playing football which is what you do well…flaunting your faith…not so much. 

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow (15) prays in the end zone before the start of an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears, Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011, in Denver. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Monday, December 26, 2011


And our 13 yr. old Carlos will be happy to know he will have a job cleaning the school toilets.

This is the fucking unreal crap that Nexmax just sent:

Breaking from
Newt Gingrich Can Beat Obama
By Christopher Ruddy
(Christopher Ruddy is CEO and Editor of, the nation’s leading conservative online news organization.)

“Can Newt Gingrich beat Barack Obama next November?

Sure he can.

Obama's whole campaign — totaling $1 billion — will be a savage attack on the Republican nominee because Obama can't run on his record and he knows it.

And I believe that, if the Republican candidate sticks to the high road and focuses on Obama's record, the American people will see through the mud and will vote Republican.

At this moment, Newt Gingrich has the ability to accomplish this and poses the greatest threat to Obama.

So far, he has been tested in the crucible of the GOP primary and is weathering the storm well.

One of the things that has amazed me over these past several months is that Newt alone among the GOP candidates has refrained from nasty attacks against his fellow Republican candidates.”

This is so totally unreal as to warrant a post. I never ceases to amaze me how disconnected, how much in a little imaginary world these conservatives live in. To even suggest that this asshole human phlegm even has a chance at beating our President is ludicrous if not totally insane.
The e-mail goes on to compare Newt to Reagan (in my opinion one of the worst Presidents we ever had) and also they quote some poll taken that frankly, lacks very serious veracity.
They even quote Ed Koch as saying: "Gingrich is appealing to the anger in this country toward all politicians, particularly those in Congress. The country is looking for a leader, unafraid to tell the truth, and many think that Newt Gingrich is that person."

But has anybody even consider that this anger is primarily directed at Republicans, specifically those in Congress who have been sabotaging the political process and hurting middle class Americans? Do you really think that the average American voter is so stupid and has such a short memory span as to vote for one who was instrumental in bringing pain and misery to America?

But one thing is clear: the Republican nominee for President of the United States will be the one hand-picked by the Koch brothers.
To tell the American people that the answer is to bring them more of the same things that they are indignant about, protesting and voting against? I should think not and I am willing to say: Go ahead, nominate the douche bag and you will get the largest defeat since Goldwater and he wasn’t as insane as these Teabaggers-Evangelical Republicans of our day.