Thursday, May 31, 2012


John Edwards leaving court in Greensboro, N.C., recently. (Sara D. Davis / Getty Images / May 21, 2012)
Found not guilty and here is my opinion on this

In these days of Citizens United when wealthy individuals and corporations can donate millions if not a billion dollars to political campaigns and do so anonymously, I think it is ironic that we are even bothering to prosecute John Edwards for a pittance in comparison.
Sure, the man is a low life, a fink, a hypocrite and an adulterer…but as far as I know, we have not started to prosecute people in our country for any of these things…if it were to happen, half of congress and an abundant number of politicians nationwide would be sent up the river for a long time…after all, their transgressions sometimes surpass John Edwards’ and I suspect that GOP politicians would comprise the great majority of these.
They wanted to get him under the premise that he was “covering up” illegal campaign contributions…well my friends, every politician and their brothers are getting contributions only now it is perfectly legal to have a wealthy sponsor-sugar daddy.(in John Edwards’ case it was a sugar mommy)


Gov. Scott of Florida...look at those evil eyes!
When a United States citizen goes to the polls and finds out he or she has been purged from the list of eligible voters…there are going to be a lot of people really pissed off.

Are we going to see a replay of the 2000 election circus performance or are the voting rights of Floridians already so compromised and threatened that a rigged election is a reality?
There is no question as to the dubious and sneaky intents that the Governor of Florida has…simply to disenfranchise minority voters and those potential democrats; it is not even remotely linked to possible fraud..
Gov. Scott has unleashed an assault on every Floridians' right to vote by working to purge thousands of legitimate Floridians from voter rolls. There are several ways to stop them cold in their tracks. There’s one easy way that’s already starting to work.

Call your county's Supervisor of Elections and urge them to stop Gov. Scott's Voter Purge.
Hillsborough1 and Palm Beach2 counties just announced that they are stopping Rick Scott's Voter Purge efforts due to the high level of inaccuracy of the information provided to them. In Miami-Dade county alone, more than 20% of voters on the purge list have demonstrated to their Supervisor of Elections that they are legitimate voters3. As reported by, Scott's Voter Purge is ensnaring people like Bill Internicola, a 91 year-old WWII veteran and eligible voter in Broward County as well as hundreds of other Floridians who have the right to vote.

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher, a former Democratic state representative, told ThinkProgress in an interview that while the state of Florida sent her county 115 names of voters it considered “sure matches” with a list of non-citizens, her office determined the list’s documentation to be “not credible” and has not sent out letters asking for verification of citizens to any of those voters.

This would still be shameful and an attack on DEMOCRACY even if it was an isolated effort by our crazy Florida Governor; but we see it happening in many other states where the legislature and the governorship are held by Republicans. This concerted efforts to suppress the vote is bogus, it is odious and totally illegal.



 They are so repressed, oppressed, criticized, repudiated and persecuted…How can they even live like that and be free to practice their “faith”

It is a very peculiar stance that these right wingers and fucking religious fanatics take. They know they are on the fringe, they are aware that their ideology and interpretations of the Scriptures are not shared with the majority of Americans; yet they continue to push some very outlandish agenda, to really hurt other people by making odious laws that discriminate and penalize gays…and if it was up to them, the government should take on the task of executing them. The hate speech and inflammatory rhetoric that is spewed from pulpits across the nation is really alarming and shameful.

Now, listen here, while all these douche nozzles may be getting are nasty e-mails and an occasional protest outside of their temples of hatred…the gays have been persecuted and killed for thousands of years in the hands of homophobic Christians. The fundamentalist fanatics are so used to getting their way, to be able to humiliate and castigate LGBT people that now they are indignant because the majority of Americans refusing to be complicit in their hate mongering…or to allow the Government to be the instrument of repression and persecution of gay Americans. That is not ever going to happen again.

“NOM manages to ignore ALL the recent anti-gay hate speech, yet find time to scream about some obscure lawmaker who got a nasty email. THEY are the victims, people. Always” .(

Curtis Knapp, a Kansas pastor has gone as far as saying that our government should put all gays to death. Another one in North Carolina said the gays should be put in a concentration camp behind a fence and let them die there. Go figure…they think they are Christians!

So far, I have not heard of any fucking homophobic preacher being hung to a barb wire fence to die a slow and agonizing death; nor have I heard of any children being bullied in the school yard because they were perceived to be straight. Get real assholes, get a fucking life, we are queer and we’re here…LIVE WITH IT!


Don’t come back and regret what is happening in Wisconsin…it is to be expected as big moneyed interests are dumping tons of cash to stop the recall.

This is the direct result of the Supreme Court decision on Citizen’s United that might be the very nail on the coffin of democracy. This was totally expected.
But if the same thing happens in the Presidential elections….and with all the voter disenfranchising that in my opinion is a bigger fraud than what it is supposed to prevent, and the prospect of 1 BILLION dollars injected into the GOP campaign…then the American people will have to live with a Plutocratic-theocracy until such time they take to the streets once more and the Occupy Wall Street movement will have its predictable resurgence.


Most of the time you will find my writing unacceptable…you will either hate it or tolerate it, but you might find what I have to say very relevant and often agree with me.

Dear follower:

I am not presumptuous enough to think that I can write; after all, English is my third language and I remember when I started college I had arrived in America barely four years before. I had one of those English 101 classes and for the midterm I had to write a short story. The professor, Mrs. Applegate gave me an F on the paper because I used “bitter cold” and she said that it was trite.

To me, English was new, fresh and bitter cold was also new and not trite. For the final, I wrote and wrote and had some of my friends read it and offer advice. By the time the final came, I had almost memorized word by word what I had to write. The story started with “my mind was like a skillet full of scrambled eggs” and Mrs. Applegate thought that was brilliant.

Somewhere along the way; I realized that the English language was somewhat bland. It was devoid of the passion and volatility of the other languages I knew and could express myself so well. My solution was to interject some salt and pepper into the otherwise bland English language stew…profanity. That is why I use it often and I am not apologetic for it. Let the criticisms flow as I stand behind all the FUCKS, SHIT, GOD DAMNED and any other expletive I can come up with.

That is why sometimes I come across as abrasive, opinionated, controversial and arrogant…but hey, Rush Limbaugh has made millions being a pompous, controversial arrogant asshole. In my case, I don’t even aim to make a single penny out of my writings because as you can see, I don’t take advertising.

I have no illusions that I will ever write the great American novel. Before I retired I thought that once I stopped working I could paint, write and travel. I thought I would find time to do all these things and the first year I painted 12 paintings, the second year I wrote “Los Cuentos de la Tía Eloi” in Spanish got it copyrighted but never published it; the third year I got so busy I didn’t have time to scratch my ass and it has been like that ever since.

The only thing I humbly request of my followers is to offer criticism when they notice a major blunder…but if you are going to scrutinize every word, each and every sentence just to award yourself validation…go fuck yourself. I welcome constructive criticism but not self-serving ego trips.


PS: Please don’t make anonymous comments…I don’t publish them.