Friday, August 31, 2012


That's right, most of that debt you built

You read it right, that is going to be the next theme of this political campaign

As Elizabeth Warren so eloquently put it: “You built a business and it is successful…good for you” but don’t forget that this climate of prosperity is facilitated by the government building roads and bridges, offering law and fire protection as well as providing that business with literate, competent workers educated in our public schools.

As we watch with desires to vomit the Republican Convention and hear Paul Ryan's convention speech last night that was "an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies," says FOX commentator Sally Kohn. Don’t just take my word for this, all of his lies can easily be debunked with a simple Google search.

Tonight, just like last night, I had to turn the television set off when Newt and wife came on trying to make Ronald Reagan appear as one of our greatest Presidents when he was arguably one of our worst. I couldn’t take it, my tolerance for dishonesty is not that great.

What these Republicans can’t relate to, what does not sink in is that we, the 99% are not envious, are not trying to deride or diminish their success…but what we are is resentful that the very wealthy has absolutely no concept of what it is to be poor, to squeeze by from paycheck to paycheck, struggling to put food on our tables, to dream of someday having a home or medical assistance when we get sick without declaring bankruptcy, we are also insecure and feel that we could lose our jobs the following week because some big cat like Romney decided to shut down our company, send the work to be done abroad, increase his profits and then deposit them in some overseas tax shelter.
We are resentful of those vulture capitalists, we are doubly pissed at those very rich who think they can buy politicians and alter the course of history by dumping untold and obscene amounts of money and do so anonymously.

My partner’s mother said something very clever today: “Why don’t we put all these super rich people on a furlough for a whole year, deprive them of any income…no unemployment, no dividends, no salaries and let them try to find a job. Perhaps they could luck out and find something cleaning floors or waiting on tables…then they would know what it is like to be poor or even middle class” Of course, this is not possible but it exemplifies how some older Americans feel about these super rich trying to give themselves even larger tax cuts at their expense…eliminating social programs like Medicare and Medicaid and privatizing Social Security. 

The Republicans will not talk about the dismal failures of the last time they were in full control of the economy and the country: they got us into two stupid and immoral wars, they created the biggest mother fucking economic mess since the Great Depression all the while giving tax reductions to the top income earners as well as the corporations which even got subsidies regardless of being the most profitable in human history and piling on to the debt. 

The debt grew and it is now the Democrats who are being blamed for all this mess; they have tried their best to persuade Republicans to help fix the mess they left but they would not hear of it. Partisanship sabotage is all we have seen and now the Republicans want us the American voter to reward them for all this with our vote while our incomes have gone South and the wealthy have gotten richer…can you say “REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH?”.


We saw it coming long ago, we knew these Presidential elections would be about social issues

It is also very clear to me that when one speaks of freedom of religion, freedom from religion also takes on a controversial aspect. What these Christianists are trying to do is to dictate to the rest of society their limited and perhaps misunderstood concept of what life is and when it begins.

But never mind all that because science means diddly shit to these Republicans, facts and proofs should never get in the way of ideology and even if they understand it, they are willing to accept these misconceptions as truths because it serves their purpose.

 Fertilized human egg and a cancerous growth are they both persons?

When you have nothing but a history of economic failures, redistribution of the wealth from the poor to the rich, unnecessary immoral wars that are not paid for and in general a very narrow minded view of the world that excludes this, that and the other for reasons of race, place of birth, religion, sexual orientation; then it becomes imperative that we toss reason and logic aside, fairness and truth, scientific facts and even history in order to gain yet more power and more wealth.

How many times does a lie need to be told before people begin to accept it as truth? With a shitload of money these Kochs and Adelsons are spending to tell those lies, it won't be long before all of America buys into their crap.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


It is a downright, radical, scorch-earth, right wing agenda the GOP has proposed in their platform

Never in the history of America has one party deviated this much from the moderate position that most American citizens hold. Once or twice in our history they have gone too far to the right as was the case with Barry Goldwater and the end result was a resounding defeat. However, a lot has happened since then with the pervasive Ayn Rand ideology reigning over Republican’s minds and now with the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision the nomenclature has changed to actually put the total control of our government in the hands of the very few…those Koch brothers, Adelsons, Romneys and it is not going away, it may not even be debunked and repudiated by the voters since they stand a chance to actually succeed. 

Voter disenfranchising, elections rigging, FOX misinformation and the general pattern of repeated lies coming out of GOP candidates that only confuse those misinformed or the gullible, might do the trick for them. But if that is the case, not only will DEMOCRACY cease to exist but our country will embark on a new disastrous trek into misery and poverty…it will be a “HAS BEEN COUNTRY” part of history much in the same fashion as is the demise of the Roman Empire and others before it. 

A better example of all these lies couldn’t have been more telling as is the case with the speech Paul Ryan gave last night at the Republican National Convention. As you sat there listening to lie after lie, shameless bifurcation and extensive platitudes in his vile rhetoric it was not easy to just throw the damn remote control against the television screen.
Just like a venereal disease, Americans need to wear some kind of ear condom, some sort of protection from this vile and untruthful rhetoric, it is only going to get worse since there is so much fucking money to be spent on deceiving advertising and the very wealthy donors know they can spend unlimited amounts of money and not even reveal who they are.

Ear plugs, distractions, turn off radio, television and don’t open any e-mails you suspect carry any GOP perverse messages. I know you are going to say that it is trying to hide our head in the sand like an ostrich but we seriously need some kind of protection from all these fucking lies.


It is evident that the last thing these two vying for office are is Christians

Somehow, it seems that Paul Ryan claims to be a devout Catholic and yet one wonders if he was absent from his religion class the day they taught “THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT”. Even the catholic nuns, bishops and other prominent Catholics have condemned his budget plan as evil, hurtful to the poor and totally devoid of compassion…not to say that it would be disastrous for the economy by piling up more to the debt rather than reducing it and at the same time giving the wealthy and the corporations even more tax cuts that would deprive our government of revenues…and this translates into more tax burden for the middle class.

As for Romney, who claims to be a Mormon, it seems to me that his only god is money and his religion is greed. As screwed up as the Mormon ideology is, it still retains certain characteristics of fairness and some common sense albeit the whole concept of yet another set of Scriptures based on pre-Columbian civilizations in America that are described in some obscure tablets that have miraculously vanished is just fucking nuts. Mitt Romney furthermore, is a very self-centered individual as I see it only beholden to the special interests of his privileged class.

I have often said that it is my opinion that no litmus test should be required of a person running for office and I am about to question my thoughts on the matter. I don’t think that the voters should be voting for any Fundamentalist-Creationist particularly if they hold the belief that the world is coming to an end the day after tomorrow…because it is obvious; who would want to build anything, improve our infrastructure or educate our children if it is all going to blow up in one big mother fucking fire ball?

Conversely, the fanatical Christian is no different than any of the other fanatics of other religions that carry on atrocities in the name of their god. And this I have often said also, that the only difference between a Jihadist and a Christianist is that the Christianist’s clergy hasn’t asked him to strap a bomb on to himself and blow himself up in a crowded subway or market place…or fly an airplane into a building…but give them time and they will do just that as they will also willingly drink the Kool-Aid.